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Jason is Vaas: Why Vaas’ character wasn’t wasted (Spoilers for far cry 3, it came out in 2012 though so blame yourself)

FarCry1 - Jason is Vaas: Why Vaas' character wasn't wasted (Spoilers for far cry 3, it came out in 2012 though so blame yourself)

This entire thing will be full of spoilers, so don't read it if you haven't completed the game but are for some reason on a far cry subreddit. Okay so, far cry 3 is often held up as the best of the far cry series, a moniker I personally agree with. Although it still has a lot of critics, mainly about 3 topics, I intend to cover, and hopefully change your mind on, by the end of this. The first main critique is about how many believe Vaas' character's potential was wasted by his unceremonious death at the hands of Jason Brody at the midpoint of the game, give or take some time, however, I would argue that this scene, or my interpretation of it, can help to alleviate the main criticisms of the game's story. At the beginning of the game, Jason (the rich douchebag young adult we play) and his brother Grant (the character that seems like he would be the protagonist: army vet, calm in the face of danger, and knows how to survive) are captured and put into a cell, in which big brother Grant helps us escape from by doing all of the typical protagonist/hero stuff, mainly killing guards but you get the point. During the escape, Grant gets shot by Vaas and this leaves Jason to run off into the forest and ultimately become the saviour of his friends (maybe, I'll get to that). Fast forward through countless dead bodies thanks to Jason's new killing skills and his magic ta tau, its fair to say that by this point, the player is wanting another confrontation with Vaas, even though Jason has come up against Vaas multiple times, players like the villain. Then comes the mission PAYBACK in which you finally face off once and for all with the big bad himself. The trippy fight where images of Vaas flickering between it being him and Jason or Citra. Most players at this point should be able to see that the game was, not very subtly trying to make the player see that Jason was becoming more like Vaas, but what the player may not have realised, is that from the moment Jason plunges his machete into Vaas, he has essentially become him, or at least got to a major turning point in becoming him. Jason had already admitted to enjoying killing Vaas' men as it felt like victory, but at this point, he had come so far and his mental state deteriorated so much that he was essentially the villain he had been trying so hard to stop. This leads to the second major complaint which was that Jason wasn't a very good character. This complaint I completely disagree with, I understand that he is a little annoying and stuck up at the start of the game, but that's the point, he grows with his time on rook island, but what really makes me like Jason more than just 'Young adult learning to be a hero' is his growth isn't to become an altruistic good guy, rather it shows major character flaws in that he begins to enjoy the killing and fighting. Jason doesn't start as a stand out personality, but he does end the game as one. And let's be honest, a lot of the favourite protagonists from video games are just the same funny, one-liner using, and insanely lucky guy but reskinned. Which leads us to the final criticism: the ending, or rather the very easy moral choice. At the end of the game, the choice the player has is to join Citra (kill all of the characters you just saved) or leave with your friends and somehow try and be normal again even though, hundreds of dead because of you, you murderer. This choice seemed so easy to players that it hardly seemed worth it being in the game, and I would've agreed, I chose the 'good' option because the 'bad' option seemed like it was made for players who just thought to themselves "why not?". However, this choice that is given to the player is not actually for the player, it's for Jason himself. And maybe you still think it should be easy, which is fair enough, but Jason, in my theory, is now basically Vaas, and this choice is either the nail in the coffin or the beginning of retribution. Jason even says when you save your friends that he has to believe something good is still in there. This shows that Jason himself realises how far he's come and how far he'll have to make amends for in the 'good' ending. Jason is choosing whether he wants to fully become what he has been made to be, or whether he wants to choose his own path and be better than people like Vaas. This is why I feel either ending works for this game as they both seem pretty plausible in this context. I think a lot of players, especially now, realise this to an extent, but I hope I've described it well so that it can be understood by those that previously had one of the criticisms. Also, the Citra ending becomes much better when you consider a fan theory I heard that Citra has sex and then kills Jason because even though he is a great warrior and the saviour of rook island, he is still a white Californian guy and would therefore not be worthy of the status promised. If he was born there, however, he would have the birthright which is why she has sex with him, to impregnate herself so that a baby of the great warrior can be had and a foreigner would not have to be the leader, ergo, she kills him.

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