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Just finished Far Cry 3 for the first time and I have some mixed/disappointed feelings about it

FarCry1 - Just finished Far Cry 3 for the first time and I have some mixed/disappointed feelings about it

So I have never exactly been a part of the Far Cry series, but years ago when far cry 4 came out I thought I would try it, and I ended up really liking it. Sure it had some issues, but I had a blast playing it. I haven't played any Far Cry games past that (just haven't had much interest and heard some things about far cry 5) but recently I decided I wanted to try Far Cry 3 since I have always heard great things about it. I just beat it, and I certainly wouldn't say it is a bad game, it's definitely good, but I feel really disappointed with a couple things:

  1. Vaas: Obviously one of the most memorable things about Far Cry 3, and probably the most referenced. He's not even the final/main bad guy and he's the one on the cover and tons of other media for the game which goes to show how popular he his. Honestly, he was won of the major factors for buying the game, so I could see the great Vaas for myself. I definitely see why people love him so much, but overall he was not as good as I thought he would be. Maybe it's my fault for going in with high expectations but, I don't know he just didn't click with me as much as he seems to have with other people. I will say, he had some great moments (definition of insanity for example) and an amazing performance behind him, but I feel like there isn't much to him. Like he's crazy, but what else is there? When I played Far Cry 4 I remember hearing all the time that they were trying to one up Vaas, and that they'll never have another like Vaas, and I had no idea who was better at that point because I had never played Far Cry 3. Now however, I know that I liked Pagan Min so much more than Vaas. Yes he was underused but there was more to him than just some lunatic who acted crazy and tried to kill you, and I much prefer the craziness hidden under the charismatic surface which for me made him so much scarier because you don't know when he'll snap. I just feel upset because I went in thinking about how I'm finally gonna see Vaas and this is the result. I'm not saying he's bad at all, just a tad disappointing. IF he had been the main villain though, I think that it would have given him even more time to shine, which raises the other major issue I had.
  2. Game post Vaas' death: After Vaas died, I basically tapped out. Despite my issues with him, I still enjoyed seeing/interacting with him a great deal. When he died I literally wanted to just get on the boat with my friends and leave the island. I had no interest in going after Hoyt. He was so boring and generic to me. Bud was honestly more interesting to me than him. It was such a downgrade from Vaas that it pulled me completely out of the story. It almost feels like the developers purposely gave you tools to rush that part of the game by giving you all the fast travel points you would need. On the first part I did all the radio towers, camps, etc. After Vaas, in Hoyt's part, I did like 3 and called it day just using all the points the game gave me to get through and finish the story. I read that some people were fine with it because they enjoyed working with Sam, which I guess I can see.
  3. Some minor things:
    1. There are some minor things I also didn't like but they weren't that major, just annoying. The first one being the armoured units. Those people were so fucking annoying. I shot 3 explosive arrows at one and he didn't die, when in comparison I shot a helicopter with one and it went down. Like what the fuck? I know you can shoot some of them in the back but it can be difficult to position yourself to take them down, especially when trying to use stealth.
    2. Traversal: The traversal was extremely annoying at times. Not being able to go up a slight incline, which forced you to go completely around, was such a waste of time and very frustrating.
    3. Falling damage: Ok this one is a bit ridiculous, but I have a habit of jumping while walking around in the game, and I would end up getting hurt so often for like the slightest bit of height. If I jumped off a bump in the ground Jason would go sprawling and act like I jumped off a fucking cliff. Later in the game this wasn't an issue really, but early on it was such a pain.
    4. Trailing mission/instant-fail stealth missions: Does this need explanation? These are some of the most annoying mission types in gaming and it surprised me that there were a few in the game. It wasn't that big of a deal, especially since it's an older game so I was more understanding and there weren't many, but honestly I hate that shit so much. Yes, I love following someone walking at a snails pace while the game yells at me not lose sight of him every time I look away for a couple seconds.
    5. Hulk mode??: This one is minor but I found it really weird. After you play the poker game with Hoyt and he cuts off your finger you just go into a solo match vs him, then when you come to everyone is just dead around you?? Where the fuck was that the whole game? Like there were many guards, and you had a gun right in your face how does that even work. I was wondering how I would get out of the situation and then that just happened and I was like "oh… ok then". If I had cared about killing Hoyt I would felt much more annoyed at how weirdly it happened but since I don't it isn't that big of an issue, just very odd to me.
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Wow this was quite the rant that I did not expect to give. I just wanted to share some of my grievances with Far Cry 3 and see if anyone else has an opinion about them. Hopefully I'm not crucified for shit talking Far Cry 3, but we shall see lol.

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