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Just finished New Dawn… what a great game!

FarCry1 - Just finished New Dawn... what a great game!

I just finished Far Cry: New Dawn… and I was really impressed! The way in which they've taken the Far Cry 5 world of Hope County, and changed it to fit in with the nuclear aesthetic really works well and it's been interesting to explore the new world, and to conclude the story of the Father.

I really enjoyed Far Cry 5 (although the DLCs were average at best and got worse with each one they released) but I honestly think I have enjoyed New Dawn more for one reason: the levelling system.

When I started, I thought the levelling system was something unnecessary and would be annoying to have in a Far Cry game. However, to my surprise, I felt that it enhanced the experience and made the game have a better sense of progression rather than just perks. Improving Prosperity was also well done- and I liked how each new level changed the look of the homebase. I am a fan of looters, and this game genuinely felt like one!

The content in this game is definitely appropriate for an 'expandalone' but because it is taking traits from looters, the content is meant to be repeated at higher difficulties. I really like this: it encourages you to play the outpost / expedition again from a different angle with higher enemies; it offers you better rewards; and you can grind for cosemtic items which you would otherwise buy with Far Cry Credits (which you shouldn't ever buy and luckily didn't really matter in 5 or ND).


Gameplay is identical to 5 and I really enjoy how it plays out. The inclusion of the "Eden's Gift" perks mean that I can negate fall damage and otherwise be more agile, and have powerups to use when I want to go stealth or action. Notably, the fact that these are on a (very generous) cooldown bar encourages me to use them significantly more than if they were consumables- as I know that I personally didn't really use the power-ups in 5 as they were consumables and I didn't ever feel the need to 'waste' them.

The look of the guns and vehicles are stellar, as are the incredible graphics and world, and the continual progression of being able to upgrade certain perks or weapons to give you extra boosts is a nice touch for more replayability and making you feel stronger. The story started you off fairly limited against higher level enemies but you could soon become strong enough where even elites aren't a threat.

The story wasn't really my focus, but it was interesting to see how it all ended with the Father. The Deputy being the Judge is a fair conclusion given that Joseph was right all along, although the arc with the Highwaymen just didn't interest me and I didn't really care for them.

Overall, I have really enjoyed New Dawn… and still am- as I can't seem to put it down just yet as there are still replayable missions to do and other progression to make on my guns or perks, and more vehicles, weapons, and explosives to try out! My only complaints are that there is no Arcade or NG+ mode. Ubi pls!

6WhMfo7 - Just finished New Dawn... what a great game!

Do not mess with the irradiated trees!

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