Far Cry 5

Just finished new game plus on infamous

FarCry5 - Just finished new game plus on infamous

Only took me about 10 hours. If you're doing it just for the trophy, don't bother with conpleting missions in a region once you've liberated them. Find prepper stashes and use them to upgrade the amount of med kits, explosives and special ammo you can carry as well as your preferred gfh and ffh. In this mode, ultimate survivor is your best friend especially in the boss battles against jacob and faith. The specialists i used were mostly jess, boomer and grace although that was mostly for hunting and stealth liberations. The order i did was john, jacob then faith although you can do john faith jacob. John is the easiest region as his bosst battle is the easiest and you get nick, grace and boomer 3 of the best specialists. The hardest mission/missions were definitely Jacob's trials. The last one took me about 15 tries. My advice is to not focus on time but on your health and taking cover, the assault rifle part is the hardest. Faiths gate was the hardest gate but just use your homeopathics, med kits, explosives and cover and you'll be fine. The finale battle against Joseph was easier than i expected. You may instantly die the first time but once you respawn your good. For weapons id recomend an ar, sniper and lgm/launcher to take out chosen and other vehicles. The best ars are definitely the arc and the akm(s) and for sniper i used the sa50 and mbp50. Theres a lot of bullshit in this mode of instantly dieing to heavy gunners and vehicles.


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