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Killing Pagan Min on my first play through was the biggest mistake and I regret it to this day.

FarCry4 - Killing Pagan Min on my first play through was the biggest mistake and I regret it to this day.

I was thinking about video games villains who arent technically villains and Pagan Min was the character who came directly to my mind. I didn't kill on him on my second play-through and I got to know certain details by actually reading notes and through wiki pages. Pagan Min is the most underrated villain in video-game because he is technically not a villain… Ajay's parents are the actual A-holes of Kyrat.

Background Stroy for those who do not know :

Pagan inherited his fathers drug dealership and killed his way through the top to get all the power and became king of Kyrat. Mohan (Ajay's Father) and Ishwari (Ajay's Mother) being the leaders of the local community in Kyrat wanted to take control of Kyrat for themselves.

Pagan Min and his self-made private army was a huge headache for them. Mohan formed The Golden Path in kyrat as a rebellion to fight against min. But Mohan didnt want his wife to be involved in any of the Gold Paths fights against Min because he thinks that Ishwari isn't capable enough to make serious decision or handle similar situations. This started causing clashes between them, small fights started turning into big ones too… After Ajay's birth, Mohan decided to send Ishwari to spy on Min thinking that this will calm the issues and keeps her away from The Golden Path or interfering with it directly.

Ishwari on the other hand, joined Min and started gaining his trust and moved closer to him day by day. Pagan Min started trusting her more than anyone in his army and eventually fell in love with her. This resulted in Ishwari giving birth to Pagan's first child, a girl. Mohan, a short tempered and uncontrollable person (according to his wife) who sent his wife to his enemy to keep her away from The Golden Path, got absolutely angry and made several attempts to kill Ishwari, Pagan Min and their new born child (named Lakshmana).


As a result of this, Mohan shot Lakshmana in the head and killed the child before her second birthday.

Ishwari killed mohan in anger (obviously) and fled to USA. And asked Ajay to take her ashes to kyrat… to Lakshmana. That is where the game starts.

Let us back track this now in Pagan's Point of view. Did he freaking deserve this? Imagine your own child's death in such a way before the day of her second birthday? Did he ask for Ishwari and all the affair shit? She joined him, gained his trust and screwed up his mind in the end and left kyrat.

But he never hated Ajay or Ishwari in return, he loved them. He even found Ishwari and Ajay's location in USA once he went to USA for something but wasn't strong enough to make up his mind to visit them or potentially destroy their peace from being away from all this .

When he meets Ajay for the first time, he looks at Ajay on the ground and starts getting angry over the guard who started shooting at the bus because there were rebels inside the bus.

Always talks to Ajay with a fatherly-love, if you wait in the begining of the game he takes you directly to Lakshmana's grave and same happens when you choose not to kill him. He just wanted to hand Kyrat to you since you are the rightful king, after him even though you are not his direct son because he loved your mother (like who would do that?).

But in return you try to escape and get involved with rebels and the whole game happens. Everyone hated him for no good reason, because they wanted Vaas back or wanted someone crazy af.

You cant categorize him as a villain since he is not. He just wanted someone after him.

Far Cry 4 is the best in series IMO and Pagan Min is the best character in the series!

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