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Loved and played Far Cry 3 – Why I’m choosing not to play Far Cry 4 & 5

FarCry10 - Loved and played Far Cry 3 - Why I'm choosing not to play Far Cry 4 & 5

Here's the thing. I've been literally on the edge of purchasing Far Cry 4 or 5, even more tempted now during Christmas Sale. Posting several threads here on reddit for feedback…

Even then, I really thought about it. Similar themes are showing up, FC4 I'm told is just a refined FC3 with more spicy sauce of it's general mechanics, the Himalayan terrain is a huge factor. FC5 again, puts some of the gameplay elements on it's head, I hear a lot of people love it, and some people really don't because of the story missions and how it's initiated.

Other than that, I did research looking at Youtube Videos. FC4 I notice most of the interesting characters like Pagan Min although good, is almost never in the game. Really the environment of the Himalayas accentuate the mechanics of Far Cry, along with the animals too. Yet nothing strikes me as an essential purchase.

FC5 what is interesting is just less map, but you have interesting companion system with a colorful cast of characters. The midwest looks likes a fun ride, but…

Nice additions, but nothing stands out from videos, or from people and their recommendations here on reddit stands out saying I MUST BUY, nothing convinces me despite temptations and curiosity.(I get the eerie feeling of Far Cry 3 with a new coat of paint, or just another next gen Iphone)

The gameplay just looks the same. I question myself… Yet in contrast, when I ask people should I play Far Cry 3? I never get the enthusiasm when people talk or suggest FC4/5, than I do with FC3 – FC3 is just that amazing with gameplay AND STORY. It's not perfect. But definitely a must buy experience and everyone nearly hands down 10/10 say YES go get it, "here's why."


During the christmas deals I thought about it. Would I rather play FC4/5 more of the same game I like, but loved for only the ICING on the cake it adds to play around with.(Far Cry: New Dawn is the worst offender, looking like a Far Cry 5 version 2, which again Far Cry 4 was to 3)

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Or take advantage of other sale games I haven't played liked Fall Out NEW VEGAS, Dragon's Dogma, Darksiders 2, as examples TRULY UNIQUE gameplay experiences and absolutely amazing games to sink time into.ORSpend EVEN MORE MONEY on sequel games of a game we deeply love but is nothing but new icing on the same cake…

(Really think about it, if I haven't played any game in the fall out series, would I rather play Fallout: New Vegas, or Far Cry 5? What's fascinating. Let's say I finish Fallout: New Vegas. Chances are, FO:NV is the best arguably in the series, I won't be playing FO:4 or FO:3 since they are different twists of same mechanics)

This decision actually hurts, because I am curious, and does LOOK like fun to play Far Cry 5 with the DLC…But if Far Cry 3 POKER taught me anything, being curious for only curiosities sake will lose me a lot of money. Go spend it where I know I will absolutely benefit rather than a gamble.

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