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Making money in New Game+ in Far Cry 5

FarCry4 - Making money in New Game+ in Far Cry 5

I'm not sure if anyone else have done this before, but this is my method of earning cash in story mode.

If you have any extra perks to spend in New Game+, spend it on Journey Pack and Throwable Bag. Attacking animals with melee attacks or arrows will double your loot. If you have Harvest Master unlocked, you will get 4. It’s best if you have 50 perk points spent on Journey Pack. and at least 8 perk points spent on Throwable Bag.

Boomer will tag animals for you, otherwise use your binoculars to tag them. If you crafted homeopathics The Fast & The Furious, use those to hunt animals for bait. I don’t recommend using Ultimate Hunter. Also, it’s best to hunt bisons and moose.

When you are hunting cougars, bears and/or wolves, 15 baits is enough to maximize the amount of skins you will get. Each bait will get you 4 skins, so 15 baits will get you 60 skins. If you have a Gun for Hire that either has a melee weapon or a bow, let them hunt the predators you are spawning. They will always instantly kill the animals with one hit. You won’t instantly kill the animals unless it’s a headshot or you’re using The Furious homeopathic. The ones with a melee weapon sometimes throw throwing knives at a distance, which will give you 2 skins instead of 4. So I recommend throwing the bait at the Guns for Hire. If you’re bringing in Jess Black or a Gun for Hire that has a bow, sometimes they may set the animals on fire. If the animals die by fire, it’ll burn the skins. Personally, I prefer Guns for Hire with melee weapons to do it.


It’s short, quick, and it’s the fastest way to earn money in the game. In the video, I sold 80 cougar skins, 20 bison skins and 20 moose skins.

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Alpha Skunk – $400(60) = $24,000

Alpha Wolverine – $400(60) = $24,000

Alpha Hare – $350(60) = $21,000

Alpha Caribou – $350(60) = $21,000

Alpha Deer – $300(60) = $18,000

Alpha Moose – $300(60) = $18,000

Alpha Black Bear – $300(60) = $18,000

Hare – $300(60) = $18,000

Cougar – $225(60) = $13,500

Wolf Leader – $225(60) = $13,500

Bison – $200(60) = $12,000

Moose – $200(60) = $12,000

Caribou – $190(60) = $11,400

Elk – $190(60) = $11,400

Black Bear – $185(60) = $11,100

Grizzly Bear – $185(60) = $11,100

Deer – $180(60) = $10,800

Pronghorn – $180(60) = $10,800

Boar – $170(60) = $10,200

Skunk $170(60) = $10,200

Wolf – $170(60) = $10,200

Wolverine $170(60) = $10,200

Feather $100(60) = $6,000

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