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FarCry4 - My Experience on Far Cry


a good friend and I recently bought Far Cry 5 and New Dawn because we saw it has a co-op campaign mode, and we're always into games with co-op campaigns, such as Borderlands.

My story began on the PS3 when Far Cry 3 released.

I played several hours but I lost the motivation on the game really quickly, played some arcade aswell but it didn't motivate me enough. 30FPS lock, bad graphics, ect.

When Far Cry 4 came out, I borrowed that from a friends uPlay Account and also played some hours, but again the same story as in Far Cry 3, it didn't motivate me enough. Maybe it was because I had a bad internet connection, had no friends who also had that game (Is there actually a co-op campaign like in Far Cry 5 and New Dawn?) and stopped playing that game.

A few weeks ago I talked to my friend if he could take vacation from work because tomorrow my vacation starts, and play some game together with a co-op campaign. So I saw he had Far Cry 5 already and played it a bit, he just needed to buy Far Cry New Dawn. So I went to MMOGA (A Keyshop for games in Germany) and bought both games.

We couldn't hold back until our vacation starts and began to play Far Cry 5.

In the beginning I didn't understand what to do and what is what.

Idk if you can begin in other regions, but we began in Holland Valley, I didn't know anything about the game at all, and the explanations weren't that clear for me to understand.


So I had to ask many times "Where do we need to go?/What's next?" because I didn't understand the map at all and what the blue signs meant, the white signs which become yellow if you click on them ect. (I do understand that now)

And also there are special abilitys (such as a glider, 3rd/4th weapon slots, ect) which I didn't know from until we killed John Seed and then he asked my why I don't have a parachute or a glider, and I asked him where to get that.

We finished Johns Region at 100% until we went into the next region, and last night we finished Faiths Region also at 100%. Next is going to be Jacob.

I never had so much fun in a Singleplayer game, I even made a Best Of Video from our first hours (sadly it's in german, but if anyone want's to see it, I could post the link for it)

So my opinion on this game is: Grab a good friend and play those games. It's really funny if some random bullshit happens. Don't play the game with the goal to reach 100% of it. Play the game with fun, try to kill each other with C4, rush some outposts and die sometimes, play the game on the highest difficulty to make it even more funny. We did that, we play since the middle of Holland Valley on the hard difficulty and it's much more fun.


FC is funny with a good friend and it's a good game aswell

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