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Ok so ubisoft wanted to differentiate their franchises so here’s what I thought to make Far Cry 6 stand out from previous far cry games and Ubisoft franchises. They need to ditch the light RPG elements far cry has had, for a new system. Rather then progression being through skill points they should create a natural progression system. Basically you will progress through just doing gameplay activities

For example: The more sneaking around you do, the more stealth kills you’ll perform, the more you will progress through the stealth skill tree and learn new abilities. You’ll start off only knowing how to do a single takedowns and you’ll do them really slowly and sloppy and loud enough for enemies a few metres away to hear. Then the more you do them, the quicker, quieter you’ll be at doing them. Then you’ll learn new takedowns like double takedowns, quad takedowns, rush, aerial, ledge, vehicle takedowns. And the same will apply to all the other takedowns. The first few double takedowns you perform won’t be very subtle and very slow. Then as you progress you’ll do them smooth etc, etc.


Same will apply to weapons. At first you’ll have terrible aim but just enough for the player to manage obviously then the more you shoot, the more headshots you get the better you’re recoil management and accuracy is by the end. You’ll also learn to apply your weapons in melee combat. If you get close enough to an enemy you’ll be able to whack them with your gun and quickly get a headshot, or you’ll tackle them to the ground and finish them off with your gun. Same applies to reloading. First time you reload you’ll be taking ages to put a new clip in but eventually you’ll be reloading like John wick and the animations will be a lot quicker and smoother. Also if you run out of ammo you’ll be able to throw your weapon at the enemy.

There will also be an injury system like ghost recon breakpoint but a bit more in depth. You get shot in the arm enough, your aim will worsen, get shot in the leg enough, sprinting will be slower, get shot in the chest enough and your stamina will run out faster. Get shot in general too much and you will bleed out and die. There will be multiple healing animations for each injury. However you learn from your failures and the more times you get injured in a specific spot, the less of an effect it will have on you as you have adapted. Same applies to health. Take enough damage and your character will get used to it and you’ll be more damage resistant.

I’d also like a heavy emphasis on crafting again like far cry 4 so hunting isn’t just to earn cash.

What do you think of this new system? Let me know!

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