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My idea for farcry 6

FarCry2 - My idea for farcry 6

So I’ve recently come up with a idea for farcry 6 and I wanted to share it with you all

(Location) Mexico early 1970s in the heat of the hippy movement

(Plot) You the player are a undercover CIA agent in Mexico to investigate a drug war that is currently going on between 5 rival gangs and two rival mafias the rival mafias and gangs are the wolf’s,the vipers,the black widows,el Santiago,and El Salvador and a secret society called the watchers that watches you through the entire game until the end of the game when it is revealed that the watchers are actually the ones who started the gang wars in the first place and are the puppets that are controlling all the mafias and gangs that you fight in the game.

(Mechanics) mechanics will all be the same but however there is a mechanic where you can get some drugs off of street dealers (only while your undercover) and can take some of the drugs given to you and get super high from the drugs and start fighting imaginary monsters that aren’t really there and are the result of the drugs that were given to you.

(Side missions) there will be a few side mission in order for the player to have something to do while playing the game and free roaming

(Desert races) play races with your friends or while playing single player in the desert racing atvs and cars through the hot deserts of Mexico


(Monster hunt) Basically you go hunting for diffrient monsters while free roaming you are given a list of legendary crypids and legends from around the map and are challenged with going around in the most decelent areas of the map and go hunting for monsters The monsters from the list given to you are.



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Sea monster


after killing all the monsters on this list you are giving a achievement and A Bigfoot footprint cast.

(hunting) The same as every other farcry game

there would be more side mission in the game but I can’t thank of anymore sorry


(aliens) You play as your character from the main game but this time you are abducted by aliens and transported to mars where you have to fight Hordes of aliens being beamed down from their mother ship.

(voodo and witchcraft) you are a hunter lost in a remote jungle deep in Mexico And you accidentally stumble upon a group of people doing voodo and witchcraft and they summon demons,ghosts,and zombies and then you are spotted by the witch doctors and are strapped to a table where you are then put in a spell that then transports you to a boss fight with a giant demon (similar to farcry 3) and you must fight the demon along with a army of little evil minions of the boss.

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