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FarCry7 - My idea for the next farcry game

so this is my idea for the next farcry game I will also be sharing my ideas for dlcs side missions and of course Easter eggs

(Plot) so the plot of this game will be a interesting one to say the least with you playing as Jason marsh a news reporter sent into the backwoods/Appalachian mountains of Kentucky to investigate reports from locals about devil warshipers and a evil cult that is said to inhabit a part of the Appalachian mountains so Jason and a two or three man film crew go to the Appalachian mountains via helicopter where there their chopper gets shot down by a group of hillbilly devil warshipers and crash lands somewhere in the Appalachian mountains where there the film crew are attacked by the hillbillies and killed but Jason fights back and kills the attacking hillbillies with one of their own weapons so after all of that you are then finally free to roam the country sides and hills of the Appalachian mountains where the evil demonic cult have set up camps and at the other end of the map their main place of warship a old church turned satanic warshipping site where the leader of the cult Damian summons demons and other kinds of demonic entities so as Jason you are tasked with fighting your way through the Appalachian mountains until finally you get to where Damian and his followers warship at though along the way you encounter random civilians and non violent hillbillies who roam the Appalachian mountains in atvs and rusty and muddy old trucks who are also constantly tormented by evil spirits,demons,and other creatures summoned by Damian so finally at the end of the game you get to get your hands on Damian where there you have a big boss fight with him where he summons giant demons who you have to fight with as well as his followers so finally after a long running boss fight it is revealed that Damian is the antichrist who has been sent from hell to reck death and destruction upon the earth but first he needed to prepare so he set up his acult in the remote Appalachian mountains where nobody would find them so after that Damian summons his true demonic powers which is where you have the final boss fight of the game where after the boss fight Damian is sent back to hell by god himself (only you dint see him just his voice) so after that the sun rises again in the valley and everything returns to semi normal.

(Map) the map will be one huge chunk of the Appalachian mountains that are fully explorible with the map being riddled with caves,caves with bears in them, as well as log cabins hidden deep within the woods that act as the doomsday prepare cabins from farcry 5 but these cabins instead have guns,ammunition,and other supplies inside of them but some cabins are guarded by devil warshipers or demons that you have to fight.

(MPCS) the MPCS in this game will be diverse in every way possible with hillbillies riding around on atvs and rusty old trucks or some even driving a tractor up a hill there will also be animal MPCS in this game with every known Appalachian mountain animal species known in it with bears,coyotes,wolves,foxes,cows,deers,horses,possums,snakes,birds, and other animal species inhabiting the woods of the Appalachian mountains.

(A quick side note I think it would be cool if maybe some hillbillies drive dirt bikes and around and pop wheelies on them because some people like to go dirt bike racing or driving through the woods in ky so this would make sense.)


(Mechanics) the mechanics in this game would be the same except with some new ones like for example if your driving a vehicle and a deer comes out infront of you and you hit it it will completely destroy your car and cause you to veer off of the road (this would make for some pretty funny videos of people running into deers and totaling their rides) there will also be mechanics for dirt bikes like a control where if you manover a thumb stick around it would cause you to pop a wheelie on the dirt bike that would last for a couple of seconds or minutes.

(Sound track) the sound track for this game would include some old timey country music and music very remanisant of farcry 5 as well as some bluegrass music mixed in there as well.

(Side missions) side missions in this game would consist of multiple both long and short running ones like for example you could go around taking down devil warshiper camps and burn them to the ground with a flame thrower so here is a list of the side missions and quests.

(Hunting) so hunting returns in this game but with all of the diffrient animals in this game you have a very brode and wide selection of both spots and types of animal that you can hunt along with the option to trade the skin or meat with a local hillbilly farmer or something like that who would pay you money back for giving them meat or skin.

(Demon hunt) so this side mission would basically be you going around killing the remaining demons and evil spirits that Damian summoned

(Hillbilly cannibls) now this side mission would be pretty damn cool with you hearing from a local hillbilly about a group of hikers that went missing somewhere in the map as well as a stories about cannible hillbillies living somewhere in the Appalachian mountains this then causes you to go and search for the missing hikers where you then discover a blood trail that then leads you to a old rundown log cabin deep within the woods where inside you find a group of cannible hillbillies that have eaten the hikers the hillbillies then attack you which causes you to kill them all.

(Monsters) so in this game there will be monsters again but unlike other games there will be diffrient kinds of monsters Here’s the list of monsters that would be in the game.

Sasquatch (the usual farcry monster included in literally almost every farcry game)

Windigo (a monster that is said to make you turn into a cannible)

skinwalker (a scary Native American creature that is said to be able to shape shift and turn into humans or even animals)

Haunted woods/cabins/possibly cemeteries? (Finally I would put some actual haunted houses or woods in this game because farcry 5 had I think maybe two haunted places but this game I would go all out and make a bunch of haunted cabins and woods with the woods being haunted I would make it so that if a player starts walking in the woods somewhere in the map then you hear someone walking behind you or around you but no one is there.)

(DLCs) so this game would have a couple of dlcs with one dlc I would have a Halloween themed dlc that would come out around Halloween day or night more about that later.

Halloween killer dlc—this dlc would be like a totally diffrient game with you playing as a FBI agent as you investigate a string of murders around a small remote Kentucky town with you then by the end finally finding the killer who is called pumpkin head a deranged Michael Mayers like murderer that is killing people with a bloody axe so you then have a small boss fight with the killer where by the end of the dlc you kill the killer by killing him with his own axe.

so now I leave ideas for dlcs for this game up to you the readers ideas below!

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