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My pitch for a far cry game set in Africa called “The glorious road”

FarCry2 - My pitch for a far cry game set in Africa called "The glorious road"

The glorious road is the name of the bad guys in the game. The derogatory term the good guys in the game off and call them is the Roadies. They are a mix a Boko Haram and the bad guys from mad Max fury road. They started out as a minor Muslim organization that is passionate about an extreme interpretation of the Koran and souped-up cars.when they started out their views were extreme but they were not particularly violent.

That changed when they were holding a rally and the police got sick of them then fired on them killing many members of the group including the leader. The survivors of the glorious road found a new leader who was in favor a violent attacks against the government in retaliation. By the time the game takes place the glorious road as taking control of remote sections of the African country and are attempting to build up forces to overthrow the government.

Your main character is a teenaged Muslim farm girl in a remote majority Muslim part of the African country. The glorious road comes to her farm and kills her family but kidnaps her to be a bride the glorious leaders son. But fortunately for her her father taught her survival skills. Making her like Lara Croft is in the recent tomb raider games. Despite being survivalist she is a girly girl and likes pink, princesses, and unicorns.

She is able to use her survival skills to escape from the glorious roads prisoner camp with 14 other prisoners. The escaped prisoners decide they want revenge against the Roadies. I agree to form a group to oppose them they have trouble agreeing on a name however.

The main character says she wants them to be called team unicorn. Just wanting to move on to other things the members of the group agree. After that begins the games conflict of the war between the glorious road and team unicorn.

This game will have guns for hire like in far cry 5 in far cry New Dawn. I made up a couple of them 1 is a former French special forces guy who is kidnapped by the Roadies while going on a safari his nickname is the French Rambo. The other one is an old man who was leader of a tribe of ranchers before the game he lead his tribe who are only bows and arrows against the glorious road unfortunately they were defeated and he was captured. His nickname is the old man with the bow.


I thought of one of the glorious roads generals he is a former American Daredevil named Chuck dangerous. After receiving a brain injury whale hang gliding. He came to the conclusion that the government are the real terrorist and the terrorist are the government. He left America and joins the Roadies. Most of the Roadies don't really like him but tolerate him because he brought a lot of money into the group and he is good for recruitment. While working with the Roadies he tries to push a book he wrote call Chuckonomics which is just a plagiarized version of Reaganomics. He also leads his own militia for the glorious road called the Chuck glorious bastards.

Some side characters in the game are Scottish aid worker. His backstory is that one day on the news back in Scotland it's all a story about the refugees in Africa and he desperately wanted to help. He happened to be a passionate golfer so he decided for the African refugees needed most was to learn how to golf and so he became an aid worker and move to Africa to teach the Africans how to golf. Side missions with him could be about bringing supplies to the refugees. I think would be funny is if he accidentally hits a landmine one time while he's golfing.

Another character I thought of is bringing back the African Christian missionary from far cry 4 right now he is in the African country trying to smuggle out Christians and other minorities oppressed by the glorious road just say safer sections of the country.

Se think that I was thinking would be funny as if members of The glorious road chant death to team unicorn.

That's my rough draft of my idea what do you think?

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