Far Cry 5

My thoughts on the game

FarCry5 - My thoughts on the game

I realise there have been a hundred such posts here, but I wanted to share my opinion.

I’ll do some quick bullet points so I don’t spam a wall of text.

Things I liked about the game:

-Good location. I prefer ‘exotic’ locations but this was a nice change + scenery was pretty

-The companions (or whatever they were called, I forgot) feature was cool. Some good characters in there

-Prepper stashes were fun

-Joseph is a good villain

-Gameplay was great

Now, the longer list of things I did not like:

-Map feels empty. There is a ton of space that is ‘inside’ the map but completely empty, just trees. Have been to every corner of it and didn’t come out satisfied

-The three siblings are kind of dull. Didn’t really like or find them interesting

-Not really a lot of decisions in the story. Ending kind of put me off the game because of how forced it seemed

-Random. Fu*king. Kidnappings. Enough said


-Gun selection actually dwindled down from previous game, which I found utterly puzzling (especially for a game set in the US)

-Missions got awfully repetitive and it felt like a drag to complete them, especially because I was FORCED to at random times


HOD: Was good enough. Spent a solid 6-7 hours on it

LOM: A little repetitive, but very fun to play and really funny at times. Spent a solid chunk of time on it, forgot exactly how much, maybe 9? Hours

Zombies: didn’t like it really. I do think zombies are played out (as they, ironically, point out in a line of dialogue) so maybe it’s just a me thing

I honestly bought it mainly for the FC3 remaster, and all things considered I think it was worth the $30

For comparison, I’ve completed FC3 two times, FC4 four times, Primal Twice, and FC5 just the one time.

I tried to make the post brief but I’ll discuss things in the comments

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