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My Totally Biased Opinion about New Dawn

FarCry2 - My Totally Biased Opinion about New Dawn

I saw a lot of post about stuff people liked or disliked about New Dawn and I thought "Yeah, I'll just do the same". There might be spoilers, but I'll try to keep them to a minimum. These Pros and Cons are also obviously my opinions, not fact, so add IMO at the end of each points as needed.


  1. The Crafting: The Crafting itself is simple, but the resources are where it's at. I really enjoyed the fact that you can gather all resources in multiple ways, as well as the fact that the random events are now relevant again, as they can give you resources or perk points.
  2. The Expeditions: The expeditions are a huge plus and I hope Ubi keep that formula in the next games. They are a nice change of setting from the main game, they are quite varied in locales, and really I just couldn't get enough. I'd pay for more expeditions, no joke. White House Down expedition when, Ubi?
  3. The Outpost: I was unsure about the outposts getting harder each time you salvage them, but as long as you don't fuck yourself up by scavenging them before you get guns of the same tier, it's a really nice feature. Tier 3 Outposts are a lot of fun, especially in loud where it gets frantic. Huge plus. P.S. Getting clothes and resources from the outposts is also real nice, thanks ubi for making them more relevant.
  4. Your character isn't a bitch: Getting captured is a trope in Far Cry games that really makes me angry. I fucking hate it. New Dawn tunes it down quite a bit, and even when you do get captured, you at least put up a fight. New Dawn joins Primal as the "Far Cry Games Where Your Characters Actually Defend Themselves Before Capture".
  5. You actually see yourself: One of the minor and irrelevant complaints I had about FC5 was that you could customize your character, but never once see them. Now your character looks badass during the after outpost cutscenes and in the character menu, and I like it. Totally useless, but I like it a lot.
  6. God's Powers: This list is numbered but the points are not in orders because that'd be number 1. I really fucking LOVE that Ubi brought back supernatural powers. For those wondering why I say "brought back", there were supernatural powers in Far Cry 1, at least the Xbox 360 version. It hated that game but loved the concept of the Predator powers, stalking your preys and punching them to kingdom fuck. Really, Wrath and Ghost feel straight out of FC1, and I surely hope Ubi don't shy away from such things in the future games. And Dat Double Jump is godly! Fuck bunny hopping, just double jump, fools.
  7. The Stackable Perks: I had about 20 perk points over in FC5 because I played the game once, played Arcade a bit, then played the game again with a friend using the same character. I really like that this time, you have stackable perks to level up to infinity.
  8. The Knife, obviously.


  1. No gun customization: One of the most frequent complaints I've seen about FC5 was the lack of signature guns. Personally, I always hated signature guns because you couldn't customize them. Now Ubi just went and made every gun a signature gun, the absolute mad lads. That sucks. I do like that you can upgrade your guns, however.
  2. Could use a few more perks: The grenade takedown and takedown drag are gone, and a feel the game could use a few more perks, especially for the God's Powers.
  3. You can't take more punishment than in other games: Or at least I don't feel like you can. Why should you? Well, the God's Powers makes you extremely tough, technically. I mean, you survive a shotgun blast in the chest, and NPCs mention that the Chosen can take a beating. I know you technically can, as you don't bleed out after a single bullet, but so could past characters. I really would have liked a stackable God's Power perk to gain damage resistance, with diminishing returns so it does not get stupid to quick.
  4. The special takedowns seems harder to do: I don't know if that's just me, but I feel the window for special takedown (like Chain Takedown or Gunslinger Takedown) is more finicky than previous games.
  5. No new melee weapons: Yeah, that's a bummer. There is not much new gun, it's basically just a new treebranch bow and the saw launcher, but it would have been nice to have something new in the melee department.
  6. The higher tier Saw Launcher fucking sucks: Why did Ubi thought it be a nice feature to fire more than one saw with every press of the trigger? When I used the saw launcher for the first time, I thought "It's a post-apocalyptic crossbow, neat". I love crossbows. But the higher tier saw launcher fires either three or five saws, meaning you kill not only your target, but every bystanders, which are often civilians or your GFH, since I play with Horatio. Your only option if you want a crossbow is to upgrade the damage of the V2 Saw Launcher, and that sucks.
  7. Most of the map is unused: I don't think New Dawn's map is to small, but I do think "The North" is wasted. The first time you go there it's cool as the bliss is everywhere and it is very oppressive. I love the atmosphere. But when you return after that mission, you find out the North is just a big empty space. There is one or two locations, but there is nothing there, not much lore. I found it really disappointing that one quarter of the map is just wasted and useless.
  8. Some weapon didn't make the cut: I'm a bit disappointed that the 1911 w/ compensator and the MP5k, as well as the stockless, long-barreled pump action shotgun didn't make it to New Dawn. The custom 1911, despite its hideous skin, was my favourite sidearm (compensators are sexy, don't judge) and I have a thing for long-barreled firearm with pistol grip. Makes me think, the long-barreled revolver without the hideous counterweight also didn't make it in New Dawn. Really, I get why there was not much new weapons, but I feel Ubi should have at least put every guns from the FC5 in New Dawn.

Yeah, those are my useless Pros and Cons. I really loved the game, and I'm a bit disappointed we won't get DLCs for it. Honestly, I think it is much better than FC5, more satisfying. Good job Ubi. I was really wondering if I'd buy a Far Cry game again, but now I'll stay tuned for more.

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