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FarCry10 - Need ideas for a story

So I started writing a story about an alternate timeline where the deputy joins the cult and I'm trying to follow the story but just flipping it but it's kinda hard sense the story can only progress if the deputy fucks with the cult. Any ideas for arcs. If you want I'll post what I have in the comment section. Thank you. All hail the Father


Edit this is what I have so far will continue to write. Slap the cuffs on him rook. Gladly. The rookie put handcuffs on Joseph Seed aka the father. John, Jacob and Faith looked on in shock as he let it happen. Let's get him to the helicopter. The sheriff said. The rookie turned the father then whispered I won't let them take you father. They got to the chopper and peggies started to climb on the chopper. Joseph started singing Amazing Grace. Eventually the helicopter crashed. The rookie was knocked out and awoke in a room where the Seeds were arguing about what they should do with him. Come on Joseph let my brain wash him he'd make an excellent soldier. Jacob pleaded. Let's give him some bliss. He might tell us something. Faith suggested. Quite my children he is waking up. Joseph said. What happened father. Come on he's clearly playing you. Joseph put his finger to Jacobs mouth. Here's what we'll do. My child go with John to get your sin. Yes father. The deputy said. Jacob take him to the van with the others. Yes father. As Jacob was walking out of the room Joseph said. Jacob carefully if John says he arrives with a mark you know what happens. Jacob gulped. Yes father. The deputy awoke once again tied to a chair. John came into the room with a tattoo gun and a knife. Hello brother. The rookie said. Your sin is wrath. You just barged in here tried to take him. John tattooed it on his chest. The deputy passed out front the pain. John got on the phone. Joseph it's done what should I do with him. Take him to the ranch. Make him your apprentice. See if he can deal with one of the people that escaped from Falls end. Joseph said. Ok. John walked back in the room and woke up the deputy then cut him loose. Come with me. Ok. They drove to the ranch. What are we doing here. This is what your going to do. See that airstrip down there. Yeah. That is Rye and sons. Nick Rye and his pregnant wife Kim live there. Bring Nick to Falls end church. If he doesn't come hurt Kim. Yes brother. What do you want? John asked. What. Weapon wise M14. A bow with 11 arrows and a 1911. Interesting I'll get them to you. The rookie headed down to the house. He knocked on the door. He saw Nick check out the window in the corner of his eye. Officer thank God your. The deputy punched Nick with the bow. Hunny run he's one of them. She started to run but the rookie shot an arrow at her and she stopped. He went over to her. Nick come with me. I'll never go with you you piece of shit. The deputy took an arrow from his quiver and started cutting Kim's belly. Kim started to scream in pain. Ok ok ok ok I'll come. Nick said quickly. The deputy came over and crouched next to Nick. Good. The rookie said as he knocked out Nick. He turned around and saw his wife trying to climb out the window. He ran over and knocked her out to and brought them to the church. Perfect. John said. The deputy through them on the ground. Careful she's pregnant. Says the guy who is about to cut pieces of flesh off them. The rookie said mockingly. Let the confession commence. Also in the church John had a random woman and a priest. John went over to the woman and put her in front of the priest and made the priest repeat after him. Then made the woman say Yes and through her to the ground then ripped her shirt off then turned her over. He got the tattoo gun and started to tattoo pride on her back. She started to scream. When he finished he pulled out a knife and started to press in to her. Actually you know what rook come over here. The rookie went over there and John handed him the knife. Do it. The deputy started to cut the pride off her skin. She was screaming in pain until he finished. John went over and ripped it off then took out a staple gun and stapled it to the wall. Then he brought over Nick. The priest started to repeat after John until Nick grabbed a revolver from one of the peggies and shot John's ear. The peggies started to evacuate John. The deputy shot an arrow into Nicks stomach but then the woman knocked the bow out of his hand. He fell to the floor and pulled out his 1911 and shot her in the neck. The priest had an ar-c pointed at him. A random peggie tackled him to the ground causing him to shoot hitting the rookie in the forearm.

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