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New Dawn’s Trailer Removes Any Doubt in Far Cry 5’s Canon Ending

FarCry3 - New Dawn's Trailer Removes Any Doubt in Far Cry 5's Canon Ending

Not sure if I'm the first one to notice this, or just be pedantic enough to point this out, but here we go:

At the very beginning of the New Dawn trailer, shortly before the nukes detonate and the flash and mushroom clouds if you really slow the video down, several glowing white trails in the sky leading to the point of detonation are clearly visible. These are incandescent, ionized air on the trajectory the reentry vehicles each containing a nuclear warhead at extreme terminal velocity (>20 Mach) of either an MIRVed ballistic missile or several missiles. This proves that the nukes aren't set off by Joseph Seed's cultist, but are rather strikes from another nuclear power in a bona fide all-out nuclear war. In real life, there is a large number of Minuteman III ICBMs siloed in the state of Montana, chiefly around the southwestern part of the state in the Rocky Mountain making it a prioritized target in either a first strike or retaliation, so there is little doubt that we would see mushroom clouds in Hope County. Besides, the detonations are not really in Hope County but appear to be ~10km away judging from the size of mushroom clouds at the ending of Far Cry 5.


Actually, I'm surprised anyone would think Joseph Seed's merry band of misfits could steal at least 3 nukes from Uncle Sam. Those bunkers are clearly converted Minuteman I or II leftover silos though.

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