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New Game Idea. Far Cry: Let Freedom Ring

FarCry7 - New Game Idea. Far Cry: Let Freedom Ring

Okay I've been playing Far Cry 5 for the past few weeks and I can't say now much I love this game. I mean yea, micro transactions are stupid and I can see why its a 3 star game. But I still can't help but love it.

While I Was playing though, I thought of something: What if we took this game a step further? This is me talking out of my butt at this point but I need to get this out.

The year is 2023. You play as the deputy, now Marshal from Far Cry 5. You have been called in after Something serious has gone down. A politician by the name of Nathaniel Mccormick has gone off the grid. Nathan is a hard patriot, but in the wrong direction. He believes if it isn't america, it isn't the best. So he campaigns trying to get everyone else to join his country. Only, he uses more than words. Nathan had used his communications and popularity power to get access to the navy, enough to take control of a portion of it. One day he disappears with hundreds of soldiers and planes full of weapons, ammo, and whatever else nuclear or otherwise technology he could get his MacDonald's loving, greasy, paws on. Shortly after he goes off the grid, towns get wiped off the map in Africa. Until one day and entire region is taken. All of East Africa is run by Nathan, and hes preparing for the other parts. Its your job to get in there and




This is the description of Nathan and part of the game as someone talks to the Marshal, explaining the situation.

"Nathaniel Mccormick, 2022 politician.

Ran for president but ended up failing due to his extreme views on how to run not just the country, but the world.

Everyone called him crazy… Because he is.

He had close ties and back doors to the military ; Became an official behind the US Navy and one day took things further than anyone had planned for.

You see Nathans views on America where… Hopeful at best and dreadful at.. Well… Everything else. He wanted freedom for all. But if they didn’t take it… They got… Well they got the exact opposite.

He didn’t care who it was. Man, woman, child, black, white, straight, gay, pan, trans, and all those other letters in that alphabet soup. If you where breathing, you better be breathing Americas air or you wouldn't be breathing at all.

“Where is he now?”

No one knows.

Went off the grid a year ago. Took as many troops as he could gather and ran to wherever he is right now. Some say he’s in South America, others in Eastern Africa.

All we know is that someone has to stop him. You took care of an entire county-grown cult in a few months that the US army couldn't take care of in years! You earned that US Marshal badge and we need you to use it again.


Trailer follows like this: A person talks while views of a small village graze past. Somewhere in Africa, mostly desert with a bit of shrubbery here and there. Kids are playing and having fun. One group has a soccer ball while another little girl is drawing with chalk. In the background you can see a few of the poorer people, or the ones who need medical attention but cant get it in that area. They sit sad in the back, wishing they could join. Their faces. while sad, show a small gleam of hope as they smirk at the other kids having an amazing time.

"I love my home town." An African american woman speaks in a soft, warming voice.

"The children are always happy. The familys are always happy. Everyone is always happy, even when they are sad…."

Shots of a beaten down African town show. It isn't beautiful, but something about it feel homely and welcoming.

"At least… Thats how it was"

Cut from a shot of her in a bright spot in her native clothes with a big grin, surrounded by her happy village, to a shot of her with a large gun. Her face is filled with fury and pain as her torn up clothes reveal gashes and marks everywhere. Its clear she's bee in a few close fights.

At this point My Country Tis of Thee plays in the background very slowly, sung by a choir of children while the woman talks

Choir: "My country tis of thee, sweet land of liberty."

Woman: "We were peaceful."

C: "Of thee I sing;"

W: "We where happy!"

C: "Land where my fathers died"

W: "We where alive!"

C: "Land of the pilgrims pride"


Suddenly it isn't a choir singing, but a man. Not just any, Nathan McCormick.

Nathan: "From every mountainside"

*The woman screams as Nathan wraps his hand around her neck aggressively and hard, before the scene cuts to black and her screams echo in a dark void. Slowly the back of Nathans head shows. Its obvious he is in a dark room, only light by a small, dim, light on the ceiling. His head wobbles slightly as he sing the song to himself. He is sharpening a knife to the rhythm as a gun rests on a holster on his back. He gently whispers.

Nathan: "Let Free…dom…. Ring"

A few seconds of silence ring before Nathans head shoots and his glowing red eyes light up the darkness as he stares directly at you with the biggest grin, only being light by the redness of his eyes and the small light above.

Half of this was improv but I want feedback and add ons to this. Any suggestions or ideas wanted! Please let me know if this is a good idea or not, I want to know!

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