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Observations and Appreciation of FarCry 5

FarCry4 - Observations and Appreciation of FarCry 5

I have been playing through FC5 recently and must state how much I enjoy doing so!

Personally I am not a fan of FPS titles nor deathmatching in general–I think the last such game I truly enjoyed was 'Duke Nukem 3D'! Even then it was the subtle references to classic SF and the game's knowing humour which drew me in. Indeed, something suggests to me that being into my fifth decade I am not really a part of the FPS target demographic! However I do very much like stealth games and RPG; in my opinion 'Dishonoured' was one of the top three titles released for the 360 and the first two 'Thief' entries redefined video games for me as a whole. I must also admit to being something of a 'gun nut'–which is unfortunate as I am also an Englishman and therefore have no legal access to pistols nor semi-automatic rifles chambered for anything heavier than .22 long rifle… Politics aside, these two factors in my personality do combine to allow me a wonderful appreciation of 'FarCry 5'!

I am not sure if it is 'supposed' to be done this way, but I play the game purely as a stealth title. At the very least I utilize stealth and misdirection in order to allow me to enter into more noisy gun-play under my own terms and with as much situational advantage as possible. I find this approach very satisfying indeed, especially the undetected liberation of a stronghold or facility. I understand that, within the realm of a computer game the modelling for the various weapons in FC5 is pretty good and I absolutely adore the breadth of choice and characteristics which are available. Even the bows–something I do have first-hand experience of–are very satisfying to use and the compound model is more than a little similar to several of my own.


However, perhaps what I appreciate the most is the extremely deep immersion of the world itself. The story is compelling to say the least and I find the characters completely three dimensional. I do not think the 'FarCry' games receive the acclaim which should be theirs by right, far surpassing in my opinion that of the 'HalfLife' or 'Halo' franchises. Just the voice acting, particular among the cast of villains is astoundingly good. However the physical world itself, the canvas of the game is shockingly beautiful and atmospheric. I have spent hours simply walking around, hunting animals perhaps or knocking off the odd PEGgy who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. In particular I cannot say how much I enjoyed following the disused railway line that winds through the entire map. I use this as my main, covert artery into all the enemy territories. Among my other failings I am very interested by Industrial Archaeology in general and especially steam engines–therefore once again FC5 offers something that could have been tailored made for my enjoyment!

Anyway, I think I have gushed praise for long enough! I would be very interested to hear the opinions and experiences of any–perhaps similarly superannuated!!!–fellow Redditors who have come to this game.

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