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r/farcry Rates the Far Cry series – results are in

FarCry10 - r/farcry Rates the Far Cry series - results are in

About a month ago, we posted a survey where we asked the subreddit to rate the titles among themselves based on how much they enjoyed each one. A rating of 5 meant you greatly enjoyed, and 1 if you did not enjoy the game. With over 1,000 responses (1,001) we thought that was a good number to close it out. We have compiled a general overview of the responses here, and some comments that were added to the survey. If you'd like to see the raw numbers,
VW1zrou - r/farcry Rates the Far Cry series - results are in

check the picture in this link. Hopefully this will help new Far Cry players select where they'd like to start in the franchise. We will add links to these results in the sidebar/wiki in the future.

Far Cry 1: Almost 70% of respondents have not played. 11% give it a 3 out of 5.

Far Cry 2: About 50% have not played. 10% gave it a 5, and about 13% each at 4 and 3.

Far Cry 3: Only 15% of respondents have not played FC3! An overwhelming 48% gave it a 5, and 24% a 4.

Far Cry 4: Again, only 15% had not played FC4. However this time 5 and 4 ratings were about 31% each.

Far Cry 5: Far Cry 5 was the most popular game, with only 9% of respondents having not played it. 50% of respondents gave the game a 5, and 26% more, a 4.

For the spinoffs, Blood Dragon, Primal, and New Dawn; about 45% of respondents had not played them! Blood Dragon has the most 5 ratings at 21%, New Dawn second at 17% (with 22% a 4 rating), and Primal had 10% of users rate it a 5. The great thing about the spinoffs is that they each offer something unique and different from the mainline series formula.

Some comments:

I’d rank Primal high because it was a unique setting with fun gameplay (fun if you just being stealthy, threw stuff or used the bow). I’d rank 5 because of the story.

My favorite part about these games far and away is the story. In most games when a friend dies or gets hurt, (Especially in 5, watching Nick get his skin ripped off, can’t watch it still after 3 playthroughs) is really what’s keeps me wanting to play these games. Thank you

3 had the best story from the ones I have played and 5 has the best gunplay

A balance between FC2 and FC3 would be ideal.

I love the character creation. I like being able to make a female character that looks like me, my only criticism would be, more options for customization. Allow us to really fine tune our character, to tweak our guns, vehicles and outfit's to really add that personal touch. I think brinking weather back in some form would be fantastic.


Far Cry 2 is overrated

Dinosaurs when

I haven't played a lot of farcry but the ones I have played (farcry 5 and 4) have made this my favorite game series

Far cry new dawn was short but sweet, far cry 5 had a good boss fight for Faith, way better than the one shot the enemy and win in under 15 seconds but had some interesting attacks, I hope far cry 6 has some new fight mechanics like that and also the tier system in new dawn was great for newer players to not get destroyed

Primal Dank

I really enjoyed the setup they went with in Far Cry New Dawn. With scavenging locations and resetable spots. If FC5 had this setup with all the multiplayer, flying vehicles, and craft able weapons/vehicles it would have definitely been my fav


Far Cry 5 just really struck a place in my heart for some reason, Its my go to game to relax and play, The soundtrack is the best in the series.

New Dawn’s leveled enemies become bullet sponges, which aren’t fun to fight.

Overall, Far Cry is as fun as it is stupid. Don't bother looking for any profound insights into the human condition. Just shot off your brain and enjoy the ride 😉

Will we ever get another game like Primal? Who knows, all I know is that there's ;iterally nothing cooler than riding a giant sabretoothed tiger whilst holding a flaming spear. NOTHING.

Only reasons for lower rating of new dawn are: lack of weapon/vehicle customisation (attachments and skins. Could add another resourse for paint); apart from the trophy and occasional quick resource, hunting seems pointless; vehicle stat variety feels pretty low so used same 2 vehicles mostly; not many daredevil moments in missions (e.g. jumping off a damaged bike and parachuting to somewhere, flying a plane away from enemy planes, etc).

Far cry 4 was just a repeat game of far cry 3

Far Cry 4 has an amazing villan who makes you question your position within the story

I also greatly enjoyed the (Far Cry 5) Vietnam DLC; it had a lot of the stealth elements that I like.

I appreciate primal for trying something new. I would like the series to get gritty and real again like in FC2 at least for an entry or two just a break from wacky zany explosion time for a bit

I think everyone’s favorite far cry is probably their first, if I didn’t play 4 first I would say 5.

Far. Cry. Dinosaurs. That is all

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