Far Cry 5

Seeing Hope County in the Post Apocalypse makes me happy and sad.

FarCry5 - Seeing Hope County in the Post Apocalypse makes me happy and sad.

Far Cry 5 was my first Far Cry game and just like many people, the first one is usually the one that you may get attached to easily. Despite some its flaws and the campaign that could've been done slightly different, I just love this game.

I picked up Far Cry 5 because of its theme and location. In real life I want to move somewhere near the woods with big open fields, rivers to fish in, mountains to go on hiking trips, and little towns like Falls End. So the world itself I got very connected to and having to save it from crazy ass cult dudes like a badass made me love it even more. Even though the game wouldnt show it, the thought of freeing Hope County filled me with joy, knowing that it was it was going to go back the way it use to be. Somewhere I would love to live in real life. It was like a second home.


Now that New Dawn has been revealed, it makes me sad to see the place I got very connected to destroyed. I watched the comparison video and it nearly brought a tear to my eye, but at the same time very happy.

I love Fallout and when Im out on an adventure I try to imagine what some places would've looked like before the Great War. So thats why I am having mixed emotions with this new game. Im happy and excited to explore this world after the nuke goes off but now I dont have to imagine what it wouldve looked like years ago. I was there when I was killing cultist like a badass and when the bombs fell, all the memories of FC5 will come back when I reach certain areas, like Falls End.

I cant wait for this game.

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