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Some more bow tips for you

FarCry6 - Some more bow tips for you

Hello there fellow bow users! I am back with more bow tips for you. This post's topic is: Heavy Enemies. Yes, they are hard to kill. And not only with the bow, they are geniunely hard to kill. There are 3 heavies in the game: Royal Army Heavy, Royal Guard Heavy and the Royal Guard Heavy Flamer. Now I couldnt find a way to kill the Royal Guard Heavy with the bow in one shot but i found ways to kill the Royal Army Heavy and the Royal Guard Heavy Flamer with one shot. Here we go! Royal Army Heavies use makeshift equipment like the rest of the royal army and because of this, their face shield doesnt protect the back of their heads. If you can shoot the open area behind their heads, you can kill them in 1 shot. But you cannot put an arrow through their face shield. Believe me, i tried many times and the arrow will just bounce off and not even deal any damage. So, shoot the back of the head. I couldnt find a way to kill the Royal Guard Heavy with only 1 shot from the arrow because the Royal Guard Heavies dont have this open area behind their heads. Now, next is the Royal Guard Heavy Flamer. The Royal Guard Heavy Flamer is like the complete opposite of the Royal Army Heavy. You cannot take them out with 1 single shot through the back of their heads. I tried multiple times, you cant. But, you can put 1 arrow straight through their masks and kill them in 1 shot! This doesnt work everytime, mind you. And there are some conditions for it to happen. First, the flamer should be 100% facing you. If you see them from the side and shoot the side of their masks, it will not kill them, it will do damage and you will at least need to hit them with 1 more arrow in the exact same place or generally anywhere on the mask. And also your arrow should be fully pulled back. Actually, YOUR ARROWS SHOULD BE FULLY PULLED BACK to be able to do any of the things described here. So anyway, if the flamer is directly facing you, try landing a shot right between their eyes. If you are lucky, it will work. As I said, this doesnt work everytime. It still may fail even if it meets all the requirements. So i suggest you dont attempt this unless your high powered sniper rifle is unavailable for some reason. But if you can kill them with 1 arrow, its like the most satisfying thing ever. 1 second ago, (probably the most dangerous armored enemy in the game) the flamer was walking with all his might, then 1 second later, he died and collapsed with only one arrow. Oh man, it is satisfying. I got goosebumps writing this. As i said, remember that you cant kill heavies with an arrow through their face shield. Remember that there isnt any way of killing the Royal Guard Heavy with only 1 arrow (yet). Remember to shoot the open area behind the heads of the Royal Army Heavies and also remember not to shoot the back of the heads of the Royal Guard Heavy Flamers. You should shoot their masks. I know this is a long post but if you got to the end, thank you for reading. Have a nice day!


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