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Some questions on the Sheriff Department, the county, and the good (?) folks we meet there

FarCry4 - Some questions on the Sheriff Department, the county, and the good (?) folks we meet there

I know the following issues are rather trivial, but being someone who likes to be immersed in open-world games, they kept me a bit puzzled (despite my willing suspension of disbelief) ever since I started the campaign of Far Cry 5. Namely, some things are a bit off when it comes to the sheriff department, the size of the county, and some of the characters we meet. I list these below – it'd be great if you can tell me what you think about them.

  1. During the intro, we fly into the compound via helicopter, and it seems we're coming in outside from the valley: at least Rook seems to lose cellphone signal when they arrive the area (which is just reinforced by Whitehorse's comments), and the team is genuinely surprised seeing Joseph's huge-ass statue, as if they haven't been in the area for a long time. But why do they fly in outside from the valley? Is it because they had to pick up Marshal Burke on the "outside", or perhaps because the Sheriff's Office is not located within the valley? If the latter, then can we assume that in-universe, Hope County is larger than it appears in-game, and that we can only explore the three regions of it that were taken over by the cult? Given the team's surprise on the compound and the statue, my bet is on the latter.

  2. That said, if Hope County still only consists of the three regions we see in-game, then where is the Sheriff's Office? Is it the burnt-out building in Fall's End? Or are they operating out from the Hope County Jail? If the latter, then why do they approach the compound in the intro with a helicopter instead of going in on the road with cars? Probably because Joseph was to be extracted outside the valley, and they expected cultists couldn't pursuit a helicopter if things went south? (As it did, obviously.) On the other hand, if Hope County is larger than as it appears in-game (something I tend to believe), then can we assume that the Sheriff's Office is located "outside" the valley?

  3. Also, if Hope County consists only of the area we see in-game, then what is its county seat? Fall's End would be an obvious choice, but we see no county seat buildings there. Personally, this factor also supports the theory that the three regions only comprise a part of the county.

  4. Is Virgil Minkler the Mayor of Fall's End? If so, how come that nobody in Fall's End mention him while we are there?

  5. This one's a bit SPOILERish: Apart from avoiding a sudden conclusion to the game, what is the reason behind Willis turning out to be an as*hole, and not calling for reinforcements once we secure The Tape? With the only copy now in his possession, neither the Russians nor Joseph can blackmail the Big Man, and thus keep him from sending in the troops from the outside. Am I supposed to believe that Willis, a parody, yet still a patriot, would not be keen to help other rural patriots, just because he'll be promoted to Chief of Staff?

  6. In the intro, Mary May mentions that the cult has "even bought the fu*kin' cops". Based on this, I really expected Whitehorse or at least one of my fellow deputies to turn out to be traitors, however this seems not to be case (Whitehorse himself is also more of a Useless Cop than a Dirty Cop). The only law enforcement who turns out to be a culprit is fu*kin' Nancy. I have a feeling that Whitehorse was originally written as a corrupt cop being on the cult's payroll, but they re-written him in-development, probably because he'd been too obvious to be a mole, given he did nothing to stop the cult gaining prominence in the valley. However, in this case, why does Mary May say that the police is bought by the cultists? Is it a development artifact they couldn't modify, or a simple character error?

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