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The end of FC5, and beginning of New Dawn thoughts. [SPOILER WARNING]

FarCry1 - The end of FC5, and beginning of New Dawn thoughts. [SPOILER WARNING]

So, does anyone else kind of pissed off with the way that the ending of Far Cry 5 is?
Simply put, why the hell does Rook not fucking kill Joseph when they get the chance?
I mean, I have the same problem with the Captain also not killing the twins when they get the chance, but like it makes no sense for Rook to just arrest them, the bastard killed a shit ton of innocent people, brain-washed thousands, and tortured dogs for no reason.
I think the worst fucking part about it, is the fact that Rook somehow got brainwashed by Joseph, like, they were able to resist so much brain-washing before, how the hell do they get brain-washed by Joseph?
Don't even get me started on how Joseph is the center of attention in New Dawn and how we are supposed to see him as a good guy, that's some bull shit.

Cultist fucking suck, okay, Joseph fucking sucks, any sane person would blow his brains out when they get a chance.
This might just be me believing that if you develop a character well, give them a satisfying end, don't fucking turn them into a broken soul suffering under a mask simply because you didn't know how to incorporate them into the story.


To put it simply, what are your thoughts on how FC5 ends?
In my opinion, I feel like in reality Rook/The Deputy just fucking shoots Joseph till his head is nothing more then a pile of red goop. Then maybe the nukes goes off, but most likely, the nukes don't go off, and everyone goes back to living their lives, Rook becomes the sheriff of hope county, and defends everyone there, maybe even settling down and starting a family.

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