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Thoughts on far cry: a new dawn

FarCry9 - Thoughts on far cry: a new dawn

https://youtu.be/6eLHk2Eug78 link to new trailer for anyone who hasn’t seen it.

Mild spoilers for trailer below?

Looks like far cry is keeping with sibling villains. Interesting theme to keep running but I’m not opposed. That animal skull helmet is kickass and I need it. Really curious how anyone’s getting gas in the post apocalypse for their crazy mad max antics. Hopefully that’ll be addressed. Or nah. Cause far cry.

Ol’ Joe is still kicking around. So I’m really hoping the deputy is around. That’d suck if they were like “oh the one person army who destroyed an entire cult by themselves? Oh yea they’re dead”. It’s be really cool if I could carry my character over. But they’re like 15 (not sure how many years have passed) years older.

New dog! Aw I miss boomer already. Looks like they’re adding a wild boar companion. He looks so adorable!

The wasteland is a lot more colorful than I imagined lol. Looks like there will be a lot of new animals though. Weird deer and what not.

“I was wrong” wow who would’ve thunk that starting a crazy doomsday cult and potentially setting off the apocalypse would be a bad idea? What a shocker.

Anyhow. What’s everyone’s thoughts? I’m personally stoked. And wondering who will carry over from 5. I’m hoping to have nick, sharky and hurk back.

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