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(Unpopular Opinion) Far Cry’s “moral choices” are obnoxiously forced and pretentious

FarCry6 - (Unpopular Opinion) Far Cry's "moral choices" are obnoxiously forced and pretentious

I've played the Far Cry series since the first game. I've always enjoyed the good villains the stories produce but the actual narratives themselves have been super frustrating IMO.

Since FC 5 was on sale I thought I'd pitch right in and…holy moley, the devs really couldn't get enough of themselves with the forced cutscenes and moral preaching in this instalment. I feel like the story itself is preaching harder than Joseph Seed.

The writer of the FC stories seems to have this bizarre obsession with unrealistically bleak silly twist endings ("Literally everything you do results in everything going to s**t LOL!1") and forcing you to do things, then giving you this preachy lecture on why you're an asshole for doing what you were forced into by the writer himself.

The start with the arrest of Seed is a perfect example.

The game gives you the choice of not arresting him, which is probably what any sane person would do in that situation. This is good and I like it. But doing this ends the game immediately – in the eyes of the devs this is some incredibly clever meta-commentary, but to me it just seems silly.

"Sometimes the only good choice is to walk away" – yes this is all very 200-IQ-super-genius and everything, but the person playing the game paid $30 for the privilege…

This means if you actually want to experience anything for that real world money, you're going to have to arrest Seed. Which means you actually have no choice at all due to the nature of the game and the money you paid for it.

The game has, from the very beginning, forced you into a situation where you are inevitably doing something stupid that makes you an asshat and gives the game the moral high ground to start dumping on you.


This same manipulative writing means that they have to keep putting you in these silly forced situations where your choices are actually completely irrelevant.

So the game has to keep having your character held captive in some way – because if you actually had free will and could move or do anything, you wouldn't keep making these stupid decisions the cutscenes force on you.

This is why every few hours you'll suddenly have some bullshit drug trip or something right in the middle of the mission so the scriptwriter can aggressively tell you how clever he is again and how stupid you are for playing the game.

Second great example – the Faith Seed bit where she tells you to leap from the statue. You again have absolutely no choice and have to do this. What is the point in grabbing me out of a mission, teleporting me 500 miles away, and FORCING me to do something stupid that I wouldn't do in reality? Aren't we supposed to be resisting these guys? Oh right, yes, very clever Mr. Writer. You're so meta!

Don't get me wrong, the game is still fun and all, but I wish the devs would stop disappearing up their own asses trying to be insanely meta and clever when they never seem to pull it off properly.

(As a final side note, consistent tone too please. If you're trying to do a dark story about a Jonestown type figure, having quests where you collect bull testicles is…contrary to that objective).

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