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Very efficient, quick, and consistent way to farm money quickly in far cry 4:

FarCry10 - Very efficient, quick, and consistent way to farm money quickly in far cry 4:

I’m not quite sure if this technique is as efficient as the leopard farming technique (though the way I’m about to show you does have the benefit of having no lag from rendering the throng of leopard carcasses), but this is another very quick and legitimate/cheat-free way to earn money quickly. I recommend upgrading your loot bag as much as you can, and learning the “harvester” skill, as it is available from the beginning of the game, and it only costs one skill point. The only constraint is that you must first unlock the ability to inhabit and upgrade the “Ghale homestead”. First, (after gaining said ability) you must raise the 300,000 rupees necessary to buy the upgrade for the garden patch in front of the homestead. Then, the garden will produce several different leaves. Disable loot animations (options > gameplay (campaign) > disable loot animations), harvest the leaves, fast travel to any location, and then fast travel back to the homestead and harvest the leaves again, as the garden refreshes after fast traveling away and back. Fill up your loot bag and sell all of the leaves. I timed myself so I could see the result of this technique (I didn’t rush, and I tried to just farm consistently so any monetary projections I made could be accurate). In 3 and a half minutes I exited the homestead, repeated the harvesting process (with the “harvester” skill learned, as it doubles the number of leaves you harvest each time), completely filled my fully upgraded loot bag, sold all of the leaves, and earned over 250,000 rupees. You can fill up a fully upgraded wallet (5,000,000 rupees) within an hour. Let me know how it works for you, hope this helps!


Edit: ATTENTION!!!! I take back what I said before, the leopard farming method is wayyyy inferior to mine, I timed myself doing the leopard technique as well. Although I didn’t fill my loot bag in record time, I still did it within an average time span. It took me 24 minutes and 7 seconds to completely fill my fully upgraded loot bag (150 leopard skins), 150 leopard skins are worth 1,200,000 rupees. I mathematically projected to fill a fully upgraded wallet (5,000,000 rupees) in an hour and forty minutes if earned via the leopard farming technique, while my homestead garden farming technique would fill the same wallet within only an hour. Plus, my technique doesn’t require you to purchase the expensive bolts you might have to replenish if you somehow accidentally miss or waste a bolt in any other way; because trust me, I’m not a bad shot, but I wasted a decent amount of bolts through missing an occasional leopard, or just through general combat while farming the leopards.

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