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Was anyone else a bit disappointed with what they did with New Eden in New Dawn? Spoiler.

FarCry2 - Was anyone else a bit disappointed with what they did with New Eden in New Dawn? Spoiler.

I know our character in New Dawn doesn’t know what Joseph and the cult did before the collapse but I still didn’t really like how we just sort of forgave him and gave him a redemption-ish arc. I was hoping it was going to be like Primal where there were two enemy factions. Prosperity going up against The Highwaymen and New Eden. When Joseph says that God showed him our characters face and said we would be the new shepherd to his flock I was hoping our character would refuse him. I wish they had our character learn about the Peggies before he spoke to Joseph so he wouldn’t trust him.

I worked through a storyline in my head that I thought would have been so much more fun than what we got with New Eden.

This may end up being a pretty long post so if you’re interested I’m happy to have you read it but if you’re not that’s understandable.

So in my story the reason Jospeh went up to the north was because God stopped speaking to him after he was shown our characters face and told we would be the new shepherd. So he feels like he’s let his followers down as he doesn’t know the word of God anymore so he leaves. Then when our character shows up he’s sort of reinvigorated in his faith as his last vision from God came true. But then our character refuses Jospeh and his cult and Jospeh becomes enraged. He becomes jealous that God would choose a non-believer to lead his flock after he worked so hard to build New Eden. So Jospeh comes back from the north and rallies his people to fight. He also turns on The Judge. After not hearing God’s voice for so long and having his last message from God not coming true he stops seeing The Judge as his judge and sees him again as the deputy that killed his siblings and destroyed his cult before the collapse. He feels that all his work is being nullified by these outside sources. The Deputy before the collapse and now The Captain after it.

He and his people begin to raid Highwaymen outposts and steal their guns and supplies and start fortifying themselves for war, reverting to their old violent ways from before the collapse. Then it becomes like Primal where there are two enemy factions. You have to fight The Highwaymen and New Eden. After The Father turns on The Judge he/she begins to lose their faith in The Father and remember what Jospeh’s cult did before the collapse and sides with Prosperity.

Now, I created a scenario that I think would be a really satisfying way to finally put Jospeh down at the end of this storyline. It comes down to your New Dawn character and The Judge since they are your other character from 5. The two of you work together.


You and The Judge and some other fighters from Prosperity raid New Eden’s village, but by then it would be a stronghold. You burn the place to the ground and either kill or scatter the last of New Eden. Then you learn from Ethan that The Father took their best fighters and went back to his hut by the dam up north. You kill Ethan and then you and The Judge set off to the north.

The two of you fight off Jospeh’s guards and during the fight the hut catches fire. You storm in through the fire and find Jospeh standing on the little balcony sort of thing that looks right out on the waterfall. When you raise your gun to shoot Jospeh he puts a bullet in your leg with a magnum and your character falls. He raises the gun to you again and starts quoting scripture. Just before he shoots you again an arrow flies in from off screen and hits Jospeh in the shoulder. He flinches and staggers backwards toward the edge but he fires a shot when his hand flinches up.

After that The Judge walks in from off screen holding his bow and holding his other hand on his stomach because The Judge took the bullet to the gut when Jospeh flinched and shot. They’re both weak and injured. The Judge drops his bow and walks up to Jospeh but Jospeh gets The Judge down on his knees and puts the magnum up to his head. He starts talking to The Judge saying stuff like, “you wanted me to grant you salvation! Have I not given it to you?”

Just before Jospeh pulls the trigger your character stands up and rushes him and tackles him off into the waterfall. You both get pulled away by the rapids and the screen fades to black.

You wake up on the side of the river with Jospeh’s magnum on the shore next to you. You see Jospeh with a big gash on his leg and the arrow still in his shoulder staggering into the forest. You get up and grab the magnum to go after him. Your character is too tired and injured to get a clean shot on him (like the final mission in MW2 after the helicopter crash when you try and shoot Shepard but you can’t quite aim correctly).

You follow him to the burning New Eden village and he drops down to his knees screaming about God forsaking him and all that jazz. Then you get to put a bullet in him and end it once and for all.

Then you go back up north and find The Judge barely alive next to the charred remains of Jospeh’s hut. You drag him to Prosperity where Selene works on him and the New Eden storyline ends with The Judge recuperating in Prosperity and he takes off his mask and shatters it on the ground. You never get a clear look at his face but you do get to see him smash the mask.

I think something like that along with fighting the twins would have been absolutely amazing.

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