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Whats your least favorite far cry game and why?

FarCry6 - Whats your least favorite far cry game and why?

For me it has to be primal, you just cant take a franchise people grew on and take it back to the stone age without expecting the gameplay to suffer and a lot of steps back from what made far cry a house-hold name. When i hear far cry i remember the FC3 theme, or FC4's diverse missions, explosions and interesting narrative. Its always been about someone finds himself stuck on a deadly island and has to meet new people, explore the map, Wanting to kill the villain, in FC P i dont get any of these vibes, it might be different but it is just more flat and simple than what we are used to, so i made a pros and cons about my least favorite far cry game:


– The world is the best looking in the franchise.

– The effort Ubisoft put into the theme of the game.

– And this game being far cry is a pro (crafting, stealth, outposts etc…) main reason i enjoyed primal

– Wild life


– When you take a game to 10000BC its going to be a step down from nearly everything.

– Combat is downgraded to slamming a button to kill people, the combat does not get any deeper than that. shooting >>> meleeing and bow

– Vehicles >>> riding

– A lot of stuff are re skinned from FC3 AND FC4, mammoth = elephant, climbing animation, bow, same mechanics.

– Of course the game doesnt have air and sea vehicles.

– Beasts often makes gameplay easier

– The story is non existent, your tribe was attacked by cannibals, kill them.

– The characters are super unrelatable and stupid, you cant understand how their mind works, and they arent likeable, stupid and annoying.


– The villain is so flat and boring compared to 3 4 and even 5. and this language also setts him back, for example, you can kinda understand vaas's mood which is what made him so fearsome, he starts talking fast, or speak in an angry way, and that is due to the character speaking english, in primal you dont hear what the boss says, you read it instead, so you cant feel him as much as you could.

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– Camera >>>> Owl, camera is just more compact.

– Boss fights are horrible and booooring. Ubi thought that sending 100 AI's to attack you would make the boss harder, because the boss himself is just a melee sponge that you can kill in less than a minute if it wasnt for these AI's, bottom line, they are boring and not creative,

when its all about the boss, in Primal you find yourself worrying about the AI more than the actual boss

– The biggest flaw is how flat, and boring and not varied, and not given much of a thought the missions are in this game, all you do is track footsteps like a police dog, or you collect a bunch of stuff, kill people, burn the camp by walking around and touching everything with your club is so damn boring, compare that to far cry 3 or 4, Poker, Escaping a prison in the Himalayas and hallucinating demons, killing enemies and taking their exygen, escaping a burnt building, fighting in the arena, sneaking into Pauls camp.

– No multiplayer

– No Co op

– No map editor

And it costs the same

Whats your least favorite far cry game and why? would like to hear

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