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When will they fix the Farcry 5 map editor?

FarCry2 - When will they fix the Farcry 5 map editor?

I love Farcry 5 and I love Farcry Arcade even more but it's completely broken. I just made a map few days ago then with Wave 1 enemies and Wave 2 enemies. I set Wave 2 enemies to spawn when 1 of the Wave 1 enemies dies, guess what? The game itself decides now when the enemies spawn… or if they should even spawn. This was not a problem back in Farcry.

Now I'm making another map, I set up a script that spawns few enemies when you walk in selected area, everything worked perfectly….. before I chose to do the same thing in another part of the map. Well… it didn't work out and it disabled my first script too(I know how the scripts in this game works and this is not how they should work).

The best one so far that has happened with me is the one where I had this map under construction where you had "loading time" when you entered a room. (Basicly I set a script on every door that would spawn you on the other side of the door). It was amazing, I let my friend to play the map and everything worked perfectly. (I would like to point out that I had saved the map several times and the door system worked out). Weeks went by…. and I forget my friend had played the map so I let him play it again, well… he didn't made it that far because every script in the map were not working.

These are not the only times where the editor ruins my experience with the game, there are several other things that should be fixed, for example the "create loadout" system doesn't have all the weapons that should be there and other ones are in wrong weapon category.

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