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Where was the place we did Jacob’s trials?

FarCry3 - Where was the place we did Jacob's trials?

So we know for a fact that Jacob used his brainwashing knowledge on the Deputy along with many other test subjects, but where was it that we actually did his trials? In the first trial we start in a dark room with a slideshow, and after we've jumped down the hole, we wake up in the same room as we started in, with two other test subjects dead on the floor, which you killed.

Eli implies they've been dead for days, but how would the deputy be passed out for so long and survive without water for days? And what really happpened while we were fighting other people outside the room? Did we get knocked out after jumping in the hole and then later dumped back in the same room to rot?

This happened in the St. Francis Veteran's Center since the sign on a gate you have to run through clearly says ''St. Francis veteran's Center, all though why would Jacob release a dangerous enemy inside his own base of operations?


In the last trial we start in the same room, yet after jumping down the hole we're suddenly in the Whitetail Militia's bunker, so how did we rush all the way from the Veterans's Center into the bunker? We just ran through a few broken walls, jumped on to some broken stairs, then dropped down a hole, and then we've reached the secret hideout of the Whitetail Militia?

Then we find Eli and sadly kill him, only this time we wake up inside the bunker instead of the room in the veteran's Center. So if Jacob had hidden access to the Whitetail's bunker, why didn't he send a bunch of cultists and Judges down there to finish the job once and for all?

As we all know, the bunker is a long distance away from the Veteran's Center, so how the hell did we make it there on foot in such a quick time?

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