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Why Far Cry 5 is far deeper than most realize

FarCry7 - Why Far Cry 5 is far deeper than most realize

Since I can't really make a video without recording software, I thought it would be appropriate to post to a community this insight would be appreciated.

"I'm tired of being the Errand Boy. I'm tired of being the Yes Man. And I'm tired of being the Garbage Collector." -Marshall

I'm sure for the community who feels the same way about Far Cry 5, this was a sign of hope. That you could abandon the reckless run-and-gun that is fighting the Father's cult, but unfortunately the game spits you into a scene where you must stop the Marshall from approaching the gates inside the Bliss. On my first playthrough, I wanted to save him. To chase him, bring him out of the Bliss. my main goal was to save all my friends and escape Hope County. Destroy Joseph Seed.

But there's a slight kink in that plan. As you all know (especially if you read newspaper clippings) America is at war with China. It has reached a high point, forcing the National Guard and all available Armed Forces to defend the homefront, leaving Hope County with the police force of a few cops and a U.S. Marshall. Edens Gate is running rampant, and while your goal is to stop them, some things are best well enough alone. As told to the Deputy plenty of times throughout the game. Same thing with the idea that not every problem can be solved with a bullet.

By my second playthrough, I had picked up on this. I questioned, why am I following orders? What risk am I at? Not completing the game? Your character is told to eliminate the cult through way of achievements/trophies, by Dutch, by various oppressed people throughout Hope County.

To the cult, you are the villain.

Now, I'll start by saying, there is plenty that the cult does that i don't agree with one bit. "Poisoning" water with Bliss, turning Rook into a sleeper agent, kidnapping, etcetera. But why do they have bunkers? Why do they want people to join the cult? For power, or for safety?


I like to take this angle: both Joseph Seed and the Deputy are chaotic good. They both believe they are doing the right thing, that they are saving the world. The Cult just does it on a larger scale. And by taking away our choice, it further cements the fact that we are fighting against another chaotic good faction.

Another example that I think will turn this game into one played against our will: the Jacob Seed hypnosis arc. He turns you into a sleeper soldier to eliminate the threat against the cult. I do believe that all of Jospehs children have been given too much power for their own good, but Jacob's arc drives home the point that we are told to kill, so we kill.

And lastly, I'd like to point to Far Cry: New Dawn. The Judge is the Deputy, and there is plenty of evidence throughout that game that points to this. He/she feels the guilt from slaughtering a cult that was trying to protect people, and so he/she fights for Joseph Seed. He/she fights now for peace and safety, and is a child of the Father.

Do I agree with everything the cult has done? Absolutely not. I think the authorities in this game take what they do at face value and don't see that Joseph's plan is greater than it seems. Again, all of his children are power hungry and the followers carryweapons, so they must be the enemy, right?


FINAL NOTE: I would write more on this since the between-the-lines storytelling in this game impresses and interests me, but I would love to hear what you guys have to say on the matter.

Also it's like 2 a.m. so all my thoughts on it aren't all there

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