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Why Far Cry: New Dawn could’ve been so much better

FarCry6 - Why Far Cry: New Dawn could’ve been so much better

In my opinion, Far Cry: New Dawn was sort of a let down for someone like me who loved Far Cry 5. There were several aspects of the game that definitely could have been improved upon. First off the weapons. The guns in this game are structured differently than its predecessors as they are on a tier system. There are four in total, starting with the lowest which is gray, then blue, then purple, and lastly gold. This is such a bad idea as by the end of the game, everything but gold weapons are utterly useless, which takes out the fun of using whatever you want to accomplish your objective. Also, the guns are not customizable in any way as they come with predetermined attachments which means that you may have to use some weapons you don’t want to use as they have attachments you need such as silencers and etc.

The second aspect that needed improvement was the repetitiveness for some of the gameplay features. A prime offender of this is the outposts. The game says there are thirty but in reality, there are only ten that you need to do over three times each in order to complete them. For obvious reasons, this can get really annoying doing the same outpost three times over, sometimes even more as some you need to beat in order to have a random chance of getting a part of an outfit.

The third aspect of the game that needed improvement is how small everything feels in comparison to Far Cry 5. In Far Cry 5, the map was so large and diverse with so many places to explore and so many things to do, but in New Dawn, it is significantly smaller. Holland Valley remains mostly the same, but now with everything in ruins. The Henbane River is a shadow of its former self with a huge chunk of it being taken out making it less interesting. The Whitetail Mountains got hit hardest with it being essentially relegated to just somewhere you need to go in order to fulfill a certain plot element which I will discuss later. Other than there’s about 1 or 2 outposts and some collectibles but that’s about it when it comes to the mountains. This is probably why they removed planes from the game which would have hit the edge of the map in a short time.


The fourth aspect of the game that was flawed is the enemy variety. There are not any drastic changes to enemy types except for making them tiered the same way weapons are and also giving some of the melee enemies a shield. Other than that, it’s the exact same enemy types from the last game which is disappointing since this is a post-apocalyptic game which could have had some cool enemy variety.

ATTENTION! THIS LAST SECTION HAS MAJOR SPOILERS FOR THE STORY OF NEW DAWN SO IF YOU HAVE NOT COMPLETED IT YET, PLEASE STAY AWAY AND COME BACK WHEN YOU’RE DONE!! The last aspect, the story, is arguably the most flawed of them all. First off, the villains are nowhere near as good as the ones we got in Far Cry 5 as the twins have the personalities of generic Mad Max rejects. They are not compelling, don’t have that interesting of a back story, and not nearly as unsettling as the Seeds. I legitimately have forgotten their names and I can’t bother looking them up. Also, WHAT WAS THAT LAST BOSS FIGHT! WHY IS THE FINAL BOSS A REUSED ENEMY FROM FAR CRY 4! I cannot express enough my disdain for this boss fight. All you do is shoot the yeti till it dies. The context behind this bossfight is amazingly bad. After offing the Twins in an anti-climatic fight, you head up to the North where Joesph Seed’s child took a bite of a fruit from a tree (the same one that gave you Eden’s Wrath earlier) and is deemed “not worthy” and somehow turns into a yeti. Now speaking of Joesph Seed, he returns in this game, and in one of the games few highlights, is a good part of the story and it’s a shame that he doesn’t have a bigger role. There could have been some cool potential seeing how he got his “flock” back together and established a community of believers. There was also potential to have new enemy types that could use Eden’s Wrath the same way you do, thus making them so much more dangerous than the average grunt. But no, Joesph gets put on the sideline so these uninteresting twins can take the spotlight.

I know there’s more to talk about, but this is the most I want to type at the moment but I am willing to respond to your replies. I just wanted to vent for a little bit

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