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Why Has Farcry Gone Downhill: Characters and Cutscenes

FarCry5 - Why Has Farcry Gone Downhill: Characters and Cutscenes

Just to give a little bit of context, I started playing Farcry back in 2004 when the original game was released on PC. I would watch my father play it for hours every day, sitting behind his chair, and it was amazing. Every time one of the trijons would appear I would lose it and the level of attachment you gain to the protagonist and sub protagonists, Val and Doyle, was insane.

When Farcry 2 came out, I began playing Farcry personally for the first time and that game was also a blast. Some people may say that the story was bland, however, I believe that it was simple but elegant and for the time the mechanics in the game were insane. The story consisted of hunting down the Jackel, a world-renowned arms dealer who set up shop in a war-torn African country. The story was simple and the quests did seem repetitive but the game did have a few interesting and deep, emotional choices throughout it, not to mentions some scenes that blew me away.

Farcry 3 was the same way (I never had the chance to play predator and predator instincts though they seemed like good games) but with a deeper story. THE CUTSCENES were insane and memorable. Each Cutscene would make the game's characters memorable and drew connections between individual characters and the overall story.

Farcry 4, though some people may have thought of it as an inferior game, was very similar to its Farcry 3 counterpart and used cutscenes to develop a story. Farcry primal was the same way.

I really want to emphasize that each interaction with a story character involved a cutscene where your protagonist got involved, had a conversation and developed the story within the cutscene.


Now on to Farcry 5. Why did they do away with individual character cutscenes? Sure they have cutscenes with your deputy and sheriff associates but what about with characters such as Hurk or the CIA operative. Not to mention that the protagonist never talks or develops the story at all. *Spoiler Why is it that when the game ended and the Nukes were launched that I, the player, had no idea that the cult had access to WMD's. The game failed to involve the player in a story, rather they had the player say, "go here and shoot this", "go there and liberate that". The camps were horrendously boring to capture and it seemed like all of them could be completed in under 5 minutes with a silenced sniper rifle, something you could get at the beginning of the game. The game also didn't have a protagonist, just some create-a-character that lacked depth and personality.

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All in all, why has Ubisoft or whoever has undertaken a story priority in the Farcry development continued to die down the level of depth, story-wise, in their games? Farcry today has morphed into a game with Farcry mechanics but without a Farcry personality, a dying series that seem to enjoy becoming just a shoot-em-up rather than a shoot-em-up with a great story. This will continue with the next Farcry game, Farcry New Dawn and I'm pretty sure that most of the people who will end up buying the game really want that original Farcry experience from Farcry 1, 2 and especially 3. Could this be caused by a time crunch, greed or a lack of effort? I have no idea but what do all of you think and how do you think Ubisoft or whoever chooses to develop the future of Farcry can change this?

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