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Why was Far Cry 3 so great?

FarCry4 - Why was Far Cry 3 so great?

I was remembering back to when i used to come home from secondary school and play far cry 3 and it was just so damn enjoyable. The new far cry games are the same game but better graphically, still have great villains and had lots of new mechanics …but none of them do it for me like far cry 3 did. Everyone knows that far cry 3 was innovative with its hunting and crafting systems but that isn’t what made the game so memorable for me I believe there are 3 things that made far cry 3 so memorable Firstly the main villain Vaas, was the first time a video game had a character worthy of an Oscar due to his completely believable insanity as a result of superb voice acting and the way his lines would stick in your head for years to come, one quote most of the gaming community knows whether they’ve played or not -“Have I ever told you the definition of insanity?”. Vaas was so incredibly evil yet charismatic in a psychotic way and killing him is almost sad and the creators were aware of this putting twice the effort in to the sequence of killing him after you kill Hoyt, the man who is supposed to be more powerful and the one in charge of even Vaas, just showing how aware they were of Vaas impact on the game and the player. Secondly the character you control sounds shy and nervous at almost all times like a more realistic American young adult especially one relatable to the majority of the playerbase. This timid delivery of his character makes his ruthless killing and homing of skills feel even more badass. Thirdly the smooth, light blue carribean seas and tropical theme was vibrant and bright consequently brightening your mood. Even something as small as the menu and crafting screens were in such an amazing style that i remember it exactly to this day which i cant say about certain more recent far cry and other open world games. I feel like im not the only one who has these thoughts but if theres any small or large features I’ve missed out please say as many reasons for remembrance are hard to pin point.

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