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FarCry5 - Why?

I just finished Far Cry 5 and my only question is…


Why is so necessary to remove all realism from the game?
Why is so necessary to make mediocre/bad game rather than a epic one?
Why is so necessary to treat your players like lazy morons?
Why is so necessary to ruin all of your ending after all the fu*k ups you allowed in the game?
Why is so necessary to ruin gameplay and force this terrible same-old same-old storyline missions?
Why is so necessary to make enemies id*ots?
Why is so necessary to force players to listen complete utter shitty repetitive villain monologues throughout whole game and every fking cutscene?
Why are physics in game so bad?Why is game so f repetitve?


Jeez, you invest so much time and money to make this superb scenery and than you ruin it absolutely by such laziness and incompetence. Is f beyond apprehension…

I finished this game because I started it and when I realized how shitty it really is, I was already near half line, so I made zipline to the end which was even shittier than the game, but I would be able to bite it if the gameplay wasn't retarded…but I would never ever recommend it to anyone…waste of time and money…

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