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Will Far cry 5 get New Dawn content?

FarCry1 - Will Far cry 5 get New Dawn content?

Like seriously, I'm sure the post apocalyptic setting will be great and far cry 5 was great too but it also felt like an unfinished game tbh. New Dawn just looks like an expansion pack (which I have a sneaking suspicion is what it was originally and Ubisoft just decided to milk it out into an actual standalone game so they could put a bigger price tag on it and it wasn't covered by the season pass) to me at least and I like the rural backwater feel of the original hope county, I dunno man I just feel fu*king cheated after the abysmal Dlc's and reskins of weapons and shit I mean far cry 2 had more unique guns in it's base game than far cry 5 did almost and not to mention the Silver bars that piss me off to this day. Microtransactions in a mostly singeplayer game, are you fu*king kidding me? and new game+ was only added after the fan's begged for it and they removed all the silver bars you could collect in-game in succesive runs (why did I not see anything about this?) I almost had a goddamn stroke when I played mankind divided a couple years ago and when I brought home far cry 5 and played it for the first time it nearly sent me to an early grave

This was kind of a bi*ching post in disguise but I'm not too happy with the state of teh franchise atm, feeling a bit betrayed, any thoughts? I'm really, really, really hoping they don't pull this shit with new dawn but I am definitely not pre-ordering, granted I didn't pre-order 5 either but that's because I was genuinely skint at the time but if I had the money I would of.

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