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Anderson DLC Testing

FarmingSimulator19 4 - Anderson DLC Testing

I spent some time tonight testing the new Anderson equipment against the base game equipment, specifically the new bale wrappers. This should help anyone trying to decide what equipment to use or whether or not to buy the Anderson DLC. Here are my results:

Setup: I chose Felsbrunn, for no particular reason. I chose Field 15 for my test, as it is flat and seemed to be big enough to provide a good sample while not being so large that it would be very time consuming. It was quite far from the store though… I planted grass using the Amazone Condor and a JD 8R, not that that affects the testing at all. At full growth, mowed and "win rowed" the grass using the Krone BigM. I saved here, to create a control point I could reload.

Equipment Options: For round baling, I used the Roll-Belt 150 Baler ($58,000). I tried both of the Anderson trailers, the RBM2000 ($50,300) and the RBMPRO 2000 ($72,200). Both have the same capacity and both stack the bales horizontally (incredibly more useful than vertical btw). There is no reason to get the more expensive version, and I feel it actually takes longer to load the bales. The individual Anderson RB580 Wrapper costs $19,500, whereas the linear wrapper (Anderson IFX720) costs $30,000. The individual wrapper from FS17 is available on the ModHub, but I did not test this wrapper. Preferable Total Cost w/o wrapper: $108,300

For square baling, I used the Kuhn LSB 1290 ($105,000). Again I tried both of the Anderson bale trailers. The STACKPRO 7200 costs $89,000, holds 16 bales, and stacks them vertically. If you want vertically stacked bales, go with the base game Arcusin, it has the same capacity and seems quicker to pick up. The Anderson TSR3450 costs $57,000, holds only 14 bales, but stacks horizontally. This is the way to go for me. As for the wrappers, I used the Kuhn SW 4014 ($54,000) to wrap them individually and the Anderson Hybrid X for the linear wrapping ($34,900). Preferable Total Cost w/o wrapper: $162,000


Timed Results: I baled the field once with each type of baler. Both balers produced 23 bales (same amount of material for each test). To save me time and sanity, I decided to cut this amount in half to test each type of bale wrapper, while throwing one bale out to make it an even number. I wrapped 11 bales of both types using both wrapper types.

Time baling: Round- 7:05; Square- 4:47

Time wrapping individually: Round- 6:08; Square- 4:15

Time wrapping using linear Anderson wrappers: Round- 5:13; Square- 4:40.

When wrapping the square bales into the tube, I used a different setup which resulted in less turning, which is why you see a time difference. If this weren't the case, it would be close to the same.

Conclusion: Square baling is quicker than round baling, as we knew. This goes for baling and wrapping. However, I think round bales have a niche now. Since the tube wrapper is the same speed across bale types, it could be beneficial to run round bales if you have long transport times. You can carry 10 more round bales per load, and this would make up for the difference in wrapping and baling if you plan on hauling many bales over long distances repeatedly.

Personally, if I were using the bales solely for cows, I would round bale with the linear wrapper IF I had fields that were remote. If the fields are within close proximity, I don't see the extra load capacity and lesser travel time outweighing how long it takes to use a round baler over a square one. If selling bales solely for profit, square baling is still the way to go for speed. If you have cows but plan on feeding and selling, perhaps look at round bales. It really is personal preference, and I think the Anderson DLC gave us a reason to actually use round bales, as well as giving us some pretty neat equipment that is also close to me as I grew up using it on my grandpa's farm.

TL;DR: The Anderson DLC doesn't give any strong reason to pick up round baling, but it makes it more evenly viable with square baling when in the right situation.

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