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AUSTRALIAN PLAYERS WANTED for a Real-time Modded Server

FarmingSimulator19 9 - AUSTRALIAN PLAYERS WANTED for a Real-time Modded Server


I have only recently gotten into Farming Simulator 19 and I actually really enjoy it. However, I am super busy and cannot sink long hours in a single session, so I wanted to find a way for things to still happen when I wasn’t playing the game.

So, I decided to get an 8 Slot server, set it to real-time (in-game time runs approx. 2 hours behind my local time, GMT+10 Brisbane), and modify the growth rates so I could plant a field and then harvest it a week or so later.

Thanks to the awesome mod, Growth Control, I was able to achieve this. Most of the Growth Stage default settings have been multiplied by 7. Along with this, I have also multiplied the default yield rates by 3.5.

As there are four stages of growth, it means I can plant something and then 48 real-life hours later, it will transition and you can then fertilise or weed etc. This will continue for the 4 growth stages so any crop will take a minimum of 8 real life days before its ready to harvest. 😊

Here are the current Growth Control settings I use on the server:


<fruit name="wheat" hours="48.000000" literPerSqm="3.110000" seedUsagePerSqm="1.000000"/> <fruit name="grass" hours="10.000000" literPerSqm="15.590000" seedUsagePerSqm="1.000000"/> <fruit name="canola" hours="48.000000" literPerSqm="2.060000" seedUsagePerSqm="1.000000"/> <fruit name="barley" hours="48.000000" literPerSqm="3.720000" seedUsagePerSqm="1.000000"/> <fruit name="maize" hours="48.000000" literPerSqm="3.440000" seedUsagePerSqm="1.000000"/> <fruit name="not used"/> <fruit name="potato" hours="72.000000" literPerSqm="14.910000" seedUsagePerSqm="1.000000"/> <fruit name="sugarBeet" hours="72.000000" literPerSqm="20.459999" seedUsagePerSqm="1.000000"/> <fruit name="sunflower" hours="48.000000" literPerSqm="2.640000" seedUsagePerSqm="1.000000"/> <fruit name="soybean" hours="48.000000" literPerSqm="2.150000" seedUsagePerSqm="1.000000"/> <fruit name="oilseedRadish" hours="72.000000" literPerSqm="3.930000" seedUsagePerSqm="1.000000"/> <fruit name="poplar" hours="96.000000" literPerSqm="10.740000" seedUsagePerSqm="1.000000"/> <fruit name="not used"/> <fruit name="oat" hours="48.000000" literPerSqm="1.990000" seedUsagePerSqm="1.000000"/> <fruit name="sugarCane" hours="96.000000" literPerSqm="40.379997" seedUsagePerSqm="1.000000"/> <fruit name="cotton" hours="48.000000" literPerSqm="2.430000" seedUsagePerSqm="1.000000"/> <setting showHelp="true" weedGrowthDelayFactor="1.600000"/>

I also have a range of other mods installed on the server and I will add more as they become available and relevant.

Now I am opening up the server to other Australian players looking to join in. You can start your own farm or join an existing one.

I am open to mod suggestions and will even look into options for more server slots, should the numbers get there.

If you are interested and want to have access, come over to the Discord server:

TmVvQUe - AUSTRALIAN PLAYERS WANTED for a Real-time Modded Server

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