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BGA sell price is not affected by economy setting in v 1.2

FarmingSimulator19 4 - BGA sell price is not affected by economy setting in v 1.2

I did some research around BGA sell price, because I was getting way less money than I expected. I found out that BGA is always giving you 200 per 1000 liters no mater what economy setting you have.

I checked Giants forum and few people already reported same problem there. So if you are not playing on hard economy setting, don't rush BGA otherwise you will be disappointed.

EDIT: More details.

In items.xml in you save game is tag called bga with attribute money. In this attribute game stores amount of money you will get on next midnight. It is increased immediately once you dump silage into sell point.

<bga money="0.000000"> <digestateSilo> <storage index="1" farmId="1"> <node fillType="DIGESTATE" fillLevel="20000.000000"/> </storage> </digestateSilo> <slot index="1"> <fillType fillType="MANURE" fillLevel="0.000000"/> <fillType fillType="GRASS_WINDROW" fillLevel="0.000000"/> <fillType fillType="DRYGRASS_WINDROW" fillLevel="0.000000"/> <fillType fillType="SILAGE" fillLevel="0.000000"/> </slot> <slot index="2"> <fillType fillType="LIQUIDMANURE" fillLevel="0.000000"/> </slot> </bga> 

So there is possible workaround. You can save your game before every midnight. Multiply this value by 3 for easy or 1.8 for medium and then load game.

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