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Clover Creek Grass

FarmingSimulator19 5 - Clover Creek Grass

Has anyone ever gotten it to lay down growing grass? My problem is that I can't find the map.xml file in the F17_CloverCreek folder, but find it in the FS19_CloverCreek_plus12crops folder, which I think might be a support folder for it to work in FS19. When you open the map.xml file, you should find a line like this:


 <groundTypeMapping type="dirt" layer="ROUGHDIRT" /> <groundTypeMapping type="asphalt" layer="ASPHALT" /> <groundTypeMapping type="gravel" layer="GRAVEL" /> <groundTypeMapping type="grass" layer="GRASS" /> <groundTypeMapping type="grassRough" layer="GRASSROUGH" /> <groundTypeMapping type="grass_moss" layer="GRASS" /> <groundTypeMapping type="grass_dry" layer="GRASS_DRY" /> <groundTypeMapping type="sand" layer="SANDWET" /> <groundTypeMapping type="animalMud" layer="ANIMALMUD" /> <groundTypeMapping type="concrete" layer="CONCRETE" /> <groundTypeMapping type="plates" layer="PLATE" /> <groundTypeMapping type="cobblestones" layer="CONCRETE" /> <groundTypeMapping type="flagstones" layer="CONCRETE" /> <groundTypeMapping type="forestGround" layer="FORESTLEAVES" /> <groundTypeMapping type="rock" layer="MOUNTAINROCK" /> 



NOW: if you go to the grass types/layers, you have to hadd after layer ' paintableFoilageId="1" 'After that you need to add this code under the </groundTypeMapping> :


 <paintableFoliage id="1" layerName="grass" firstDensityMapChannel="0" numDensityMapChannels="4" value="2" /> 


My problem is that when I do it, it doesn't work. It still paints grass, but none that grows. I've done it before on other mod maps, but I can't get it to work with Clover Creek. Can anyone help me out here? Only thing I can think of is it a different channel in GE, but I highly doubt it…

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