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FarmingSimulator19 4 - Console Players FAQ

Hey guys, I've been seeing a lot of repeat questions about the console version of FS, mainly about mods and limits.


I created this small FAQ to answer those questions and hopefully cut down on the repeated question threads. I've also added it to my Info and Resource thread that is stickied at the top of the sub.


If you have other console related questions, post them here and either I or one of the other very helpful users of this sub should be able to answer your question.


Console Players FAQ

Will this mod come to console?

Understand that you will only get mods through the modhub. If the mod requires scripting (basically anything that adds functionality), chances are you wont get it due to restrictions from Sony and Microsoft.

You can see daily updates on what is in GIANTS testing at this link.

Why is there a bale limit?

The processing power of consoles is pretty limited. In order to keep smooth gameplay, GIANTS has a bale limit for consoles.


What is that block icon with numbers next to it?

It's the number of "blocks" your equipment takes up. It is limited for the same reason as bales.


From u/dajoor: Equipment slots or "blocks" directly related to graphics memory space. Each piece of equipment uses a certain amount of video memory, some more some less. To get around this, you need to buy equipment that uses less "blocks", this is obvious, what is not obvious is that if you buy more of the same thing they use less "blocks" (duplicate objects share memory space). So the trick is to simply buy more of the same thing.

The other reason for limitations is the number of processor threads. Console processors are multi-threaded but they are limited. And there are a lot of things happening in the game engine (environment, graphics, physics, etc), so to have a responsive and playable game, there must be limitations.

Have more questions? Post a comment and I'll do my best to provide an answer.

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