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Contract Crop Pirate

FarmingSimulator19 5 - Contract Crop Pirate

So I don't know if I've discovered something new or not but it seems you can blatantly steal stops from other farmers….

I noticed, just this morning that when you finish a harvest contract, if you take 100% of the yield to the designated sell point, you get a little harvest income for the 2 or 3 (whatever it is) percent extra for delivering over and above what it required to fulfill the contract.

Interesting I thought. I took another harvest contract and took a trailer load to a different sell point.

Hey Presto!! The whole load was deposited neatly into my bank account without a message telling me, You're a d*ck sir!


Now some would say, yes you are a d*ck, and to be honest I would agree. But that fact that this can be done leaves you the option to basically steal the crop with no upfront cost to yourself, other then fuel and time, and make way more money even with the lose of the contract reward.

Do with this information what you will. Seems that there is no consequence for devious actions.

Perhaps there's longterm effects with the other farmers contract for stealing ones livelihood.

I'll let you know after I've finished reading the rewards of my current, 'experimental', plundering.

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