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Couple Questions

FarmingSimulator19 2 - Couple Questions

Hello all, few questions here.

Firstly, is there a way to stop the train from autodriving? I was trying (and succeeding) to fill it to make a harvesting contract easier, however it would just drive off with my crop while I continued harvesting.

Secondly, is there a good place on Ravenport to place any animal sheds? I'm trying to add the small cattle operation, and shy of spending $500k for a levelling job, I ended up spending all of my money on sections of land that I thought looked level. They were not.

Thirdly, mainly out of curiosity, did they decide to stop the gold nugget hunt for FS19?


And lastly, a more technical question, does anyone know why my foot pedals put out less power than pushing "W"? Harvesting using my pedals, I only top out around 3 miles an hour. Regular driving is only a couple miles per hour slower than using the keyboard, but during fieldwork its awful. They're an older set of steering wheel/foot pedals (I think from a PS3, haha) but they work great, asides from this one issue.

Thanks in advance for any answers to any of these questions!

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