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Courseplay Tips & Tricks for Aneurysm-Free Play

FarmingSimulator19 5 - Courseplay Tips & Tricks for Aneurysm-Free Play

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Most people probably have this down better than I do, but I thought I'd write down some of the things I've learned about using courseplay in a way that doesn't make me want to pull my hair out. It's helped me to be comfortable with bigger fields, oddly sized fields, and fields with no untilled headlands, opening up for me a lot of maps I avoided before.

I pretty much exclusively use courseplay for fieldwork, combine chasing, grain selling, everything. That might sound stupid but I really have no interest in doing the actual driving other than around the yard. I basically want to manage the farm and do small odd jobs, but be able to keep an eye on the work being done. Pretty much playing the role of the old man who has let the farm over to his sons but is still bankrolling the party.

So, here's what I've picked up on.

-Start your course generation parallel to a straight edge of a field, not a corner

-Pick Headlands with smooth turns

-Use 2 headlands passes if you're running 1 tool, 1 headlands pass for multiple tools

I use smooth turns because I consider the piddly amount of field missed by making smooth turns is not worth the time and risk of using turn maneuvers. With courseplay, pretty much consider that every turn you have an X% chance of the driver doing something stupid. So the more turns you can eliminate, the better off you will be. On a field of any considerable size, the small amount of yield loss in the smooth corners will be literally a couple hundred liters at worst

-Turn on field OFF, Pathfinding OFF

By doing the headland pass like I described you should be able to not have to do turn on field at all. This is an advantage in every direction because turn on field is SLOW, courseplay can only reverse well at painfully low speeds, and as a more complicated turning maneuver there is more possibility for problems. Pathfinding right now is just dumb and will result in the workers doing idiotic things

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-When using multiple tools, don't start them one after another


When the course generates, there will usually be a narrow row to start or finish the up/down portion. During that narrow row, the Left and Right tools can come into conflict. Therefore for the best results, the tool that starts first should have finished the headland pass AND the narrow row and begun on his first full size row by the time the 2nd tool finishes the headland pass and starts on the narrow row. The timing on that depends on the size of the field but I usually pretty much let the first tool do nearly the whole headland pass before starting the 2nd tool, except on very large fields where it's clear you can start him sooner.

-Babysit the workers during the headland pass.

This is especially true when doing combines on fieldwork mode and a chaser on combi mode. I usually turn "stop while unloading" on during the headland pass because a lefthand turn by the combine will result in a collision with the chaser. Stop while unloading avoids a good deal of those problems but things still happen during the headland pass so it's best to just watch. This kind of meshes with starting the 2nd tool late anyway since you can just focus on the one combine. Sitting in the combine is effective because from the combine you can freeze the driver OR the combine to prevent something stupid happening which is better than being in the chaser where you can only stop the chaser.

Once you're in the up/down portion, it's best to sit in the chaser because he's the most likely to have a problem, but do pay some attention that you're actually visiting both combines (if multiple) because that'll tip you off that one of them is having a problem.

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Hopefully people here have their own tips and tricks that they will post because I'd love to learn new ways to make courseplay work even better for me

TL;DR: 2 headland passes, smooth turns, no turn on field, no pathfinding for minimal aneurysms

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