Farming Simulator 19

Crazy FS19 challenges for you all to try!

FarmingSimulator19 2 - Crazy FS19 challenges for you all to try!

I thought of some super crazy, over the top challenges for you all to try, see if you can complete them!


The object of this challenge is to steal every single object which can be picked up by hand. This includes decorative tools, hoses, boxes, pallets, etc. You can make multiple trips, dropping off the objects at a central location, or you can toss them all into a trailer. Just be warned that these objects may despawn and then respawn, so it is advised to do this challenge with the trailer, so that the objects are always loaded in the world. The advanced version of this challenge is to collect EVERY SINGLE loose object on the map. This requires you to use a forklift, because some objects like barrels, lawnmowers, and trash cans cannot be picked up by hand. Alternatively, you can download the super strength mod for FS19 (it’s out there somewhere) to make the challenge easier. How many objects can you collect?


The object of this challenge is to attempt to turn the entire map into farmable land through use of a plow. This would require purchasing every single square acre of land, so you may have to modify your money if you want to. I’m not sure if you can delete houses that aren’t your own on land that you purchase, so some areas may not be able to be converted due to the small spaces such as lawns. How much of the map can you plow?


This challenge might be the only useful challenge in this batch. The object is to create one or more conveyor lines going from your farm all the way to the sell points on the map. The easiest of these would be the restaurant, because of how the road leading to it is relatively straightforward. Other sell points might require you to make some tricky turns, or use the terraforming tool to level mountains. Never lift a finger delivering crops every again!

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This one is simple. Instead of dumping harvests into the silos, just dump it onto the ground in a large pile! How big of a pile can you get?


To set up this challenge, find a nice, flat area, or flatten one out using the terraform tool. Then, create two short platforms with gentle ramps leading to them, making sure the platforms are aligned with each other. The goal is to stack bales between the gap in order to make a bridge. Then, see if you can carefully drive across it. This challenge might be extra hard due to the fact that bale physics are super wonky, so patience is required! This challenge can be hardened by trying to do it with round bales, cotton bales, bigbags, pallets, or logs. Can you bridge the gap?


This one is either the easiest (with money cheating) or the hardest (done legit) challenge to do! The goal is to line up EVERY SINGLE unique tractor, implement, trailer, etc on the train tracks, and then drive the train through them all and watch them all go everywhere! This does NOT include customizable configurations, so you just have to purchase one of each “thing.” Relive the euphoria of being a 5 year old!

That’s all the challenges for now. Feel free to post progress updates should you want to take on these challenges! Good luck!!!

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