Farming Simulator 19

Economy and time to make money.

FarmingSimulator19 3 - Economy and time to make money.

Let's assume the player is playing the way most people do on Farm Manager difficulty (medium). Most people will buy some land, equipment and start out planting, maintaining and then harvesting said field(s) while running come contracts in the interim.

  • Field 14 on Felsbrunn with soybeans on Farm Manager pays about $60000 assuming price a reasonably good price.
  • We'll assume that contracts pay for helpers, chemicals, fuel and maintenance costs.
  • The field costs about $400k = 6.7 harvests to pay off
  • It takes about 4 hours of actual play time to complete a harvest cycle on single player using some acceleration when no good contracts and no activities are happening.
  • 6.7 * 4 = 27 hours of playtime for the player to payoff the land.
  • New combine (sell old one +$250k) = 17 hours
  • 500k in tractors/equipment ($500k) = 34 hours

These numbers seem excessive to me if the devs want to avoid player burn out. Just about every Twitch stream I have watched is either cheating in some manner or struggling to make money. I've resulted to the strategy ofng of buy land, harvest crop and resell in order to make money at a semi-reasonable pace.

I really hope they do a balance pass soon. BGA should not be the end all be all and the same price on all difficulties.

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