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Hey everyone. I'm a Software Engineer(Automation and AI) and over the break I decided to sharpen my full stack skills. Farming Simulator along with Dota2 are about the only games I play anymore so I decided to create an application for FS17/FS19. I was going to keep this on the quiet until completion but I decided this morning to get some community feedback. Just a quick disclaimer, this project is purely for my entertainment and practice. I will release it on upon completion that meets my satisfaction and time constraints. The website is currently not up as I develop locally.

The project started simple. While waiting for FS19 to come out I was watching a YouTuber known as Daggerwin and in every single video there are numerous comments asking "what map/vehicle/mod is that?". This is painful to see, so this is my attempt to solve a problem which might or might not work.

The application is broken into two parts, a desktop application and a website. The desktop application gathers the local data(PC/MAC) and syncs your data to the website. You can choose what you want to sync and make public as well. It will eventually provide the same functionality as the website as well. The website is there for you to login/view/share your information with anyone from any platform with a browser.

I'll provide a couple screenshots for those who might be interested on how this will be executed but currently the list of finished/in-progress features are as follows:

  1. Login/Authentication. (For you programmers, it's compliant with OWASP standards).
  2. Custom Profile
  3. Ability to share currently downloaded mods(all details including images included) and view. Once synced you can view a users mods such as (
  4. Ability to sync/share saveGame profiles with mods/data specific to that game. Such as my saveGame 1 could be viewed by (
  5. Visually appealing graphs displaying economic/monetary data so you can see how your friends are making their money.
  6. Ability to comment on others profile.
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The project will also hopefully be open sourced upon release, meaning anyone can contribute to the features/codebase. I will also be releasing two NPM packages which contain all the parsing and .dds to .png file conversions for anyone who wants to give programming with farming simulator a go. I have already received help from u/hungrycow with his detailed spreadsheet of vanilla vehicles/implements. If you would like to contribute please feel free to contact me as well!

Anyhow, all that to ask for some constructive feedback on what you might want to see in terms of features or what you don't like about it so far. I'll drop some images down below to give you an idea.

TL;DR: This is a project I'm making. Its being made as a personal project to sharpen some skills. If you'd like, give me your feedback so if I do release it, it will be something you might want to use :).

Only small snippets. Functionality comes first, then design. NOTE: NOTHING IS FINALIZED OR NEAR COMPLETION.

Website Landing Page Gif.

Farmicity Desktop App. Mods page.


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