Farming Simulator 19

Farming Simulator 19 and E3 Megathread

FarmingSimulator19 5 - Farming Simulator 19 and E3 Megathread

Farming Simulator 19 Megathread

Since I know everyone has been asking for many months now…

John Deere!!

With the new CGI trailer just two hours away at time of posting, I think it's about time we get a Farming Simulator 19 megathread together. This will cover everything we know so far!

Please feel free to comment on and discuss your thoughts, excitements, rumours, predictions and (hopefully few) disappointments here.

The new CGI trailer was released on the 12th June on the


The previous megathread can be found here

Extra info from the E3 demo thanks to u/Jim3535


What We Know So Far

  • Vastly improved game engine (Source)
  • New animals, including horses and possibly a dog
  • New brands (at least one)
  • New maps, including an overhaul of the South American environment
  • New farming activities
  • New mechanics
  • New crops (cotton appears in the new CGI trailer)


Who To Follow


A few people have questioned the quoted "vastly improved game engine". Various words have been used to describe this new engine by the GIANTS team, I'll leave the current wording in the post for now until we have more details. Another source to add to the above is their announcement from February


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