Farming Simulator 19

FS19 Info & Resource Thread – Profit/Selling Analysis, Vehicle Info, Mods, and more inside!

FarmingSimulator19 2 - FS19 Info & Resource Thread - Profit/Selling Analysis, Vehicle Info, Mods, and more inside!

Hey guys, we've had some really great info/analysis threads posted since the release of FS19.

The purpose of this thread is to aggregate all the best resources for FS19 in one place so they are easier to find for everyone.

I'll actively add new topics as they're created. If I missed one or you have other ideas for additions to this thread, please let me know and I'll add it.


Console Players FAQ

Will this mod come to console?

Understand that you will only get mods through the modhub. If the mod requires scripting (basically anything that adds functionality), chances are you wont get it due to restrictions from Sony and Microsoft.

You can see daily updates on what is in GIANTS testing at this link.

Why is there a bale limit?

The processing power of consoles is pretty limited. In order to keep smooth gameplay, GIANTS has a bale limit for consoles.

What is that block icon with numbers next to it?

It's the number of "blocks" your equipment takes up. It is limited for the same reason as bales.

Someone else can probably explain this better. Post a comment and I'll update this.

Have more questions? Post a comment and I'll do my best to provide an answer





Valuable Links, especially for beginners

FS19 Game Guide | Great General Info and Beginner Resource | LINK

FS19 Wiki | General Info – Not yet complete compared to the 15 and 17 versions | LINK




User Created Resources

Yield & Profit Analysis (post 1.2 update) | u/Javaris_Jamar_Lamar | LINK

Selling Price Analysis – Spreadsheet | u/HenryyyyyyyyJenkins | LINK

Selling Price Analysis – Screenshot | u/HungryCow212 | LINK

Animal Startup Costs | u/HungryCow212 | LINK

Vehicle Breakdown | u/nitell | LINK

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Mods, Modding Groups, and Mod Sources | u/dirkin1 | LINK

Tire Traction and Compaction Analysis Videos | u/captaingalaxygaming | LINK



Happy farming!



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