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FS19 – The impact of wear on tool efficiency

FarmingSimulator19 6 - FS19 - The impact of wear on tool efficiency

TLDR – Does wear actually matter? Eh, not really thanks to the grace period


I spent a few hours testing the impact of wear on tool and vehicle efficiency to see what, if any, impact it had on various types of implements. This mainly involved having courseplay drive some tractors in circles for a few hours while I tested one every once in a while. I was unable to get the harvesters to a point where wear impacted them.


Equipment tested

Kverneland Qualidisc Farmer 3000 Cultivator

Bredal K105 Fertilizer Spreader

John Deer 625X Harvester Header

John Deer T560 Harvester

Rostselmash 330 Harvester

New Holland CR10.90 Harvester

Support Equipment

Case IH Puma 240 CVX Tractor to pull the cultivator

New Holland T9.565 to pull the Fertilizer Spreader


Simple tools(Plows, Cultivators, Subsoilers, etc)

For simple tools like plows or cultivators that are just pulled through the dirt you won't notice any effects until about 60% wear when it loses the first full point of speed. I tested the Kverneland Qualidisc 3000 Cultivator down to 40% and only saw its speed drop from 17 kph to 15 kph. The math says there is a linear fall off in speed from full speed at 70% maintenance to 70% speed at 0% maintenance, aka every 10% reduction in tool maintenance below 70% drops the tool speed by 4.3%.

For simple tools this isn't a huge problem, it will just take you longer to do the field and will cost you more in fuel and wages.


Active Tools (Sprayers and Spreaders)

The Bredal K105 spreader follows the same speed vs repair percentage curve as the simple tools above, but they'll cost you more as they slow down. In FS19, sprayers and spreaders consume fertilizer/lime/herbicide at a fixed rate, so if it takes you 20% longer to cover the field then you will proportionally use 20% more fertilizer on that field with no additional gain. That means your slow tool will not only cost you additional tractor fuel and worker wages, but also consume addition fertilizer/lime/herbicide.



Harvesters and Headers

I was unable to get my harvester or header below 70% to show an impact, but we do know that you should see a 70% drop in speed and yield when they enter complete disrepair so it stands to reason that the curve is the same as the other tools above where you lose 4.3% per 10% of repair below 70%. Keep your harvesters and headers above 70% and you will get the full yield of your field in minimum time.

I was noticing it felt like it was taking forever to wear down the harvester compared to the other tools I was testing and I initially thought this might be due to the harvester being fairly large and the other tools being fairly small. To test this I got a CR10.90 and a Rostselmash 330 harvester and had them chase each other in circles for an hour. They both wore down at exactly the same rate which means that big harvesters don't have more longevity than the small ones, but since they support much larger headers they can spend less time on the field which will help them last longer as wear is determined by time spent operating on the field.



Wear has zero impact on a tool until it hits 70% which is also the same time the option to repair pops up in the shop. As long as you keep your equipment above 70% you don't need to worry about it, and that gives you a few hours of field work. Below 70%, you'll lose 4.3% of speed and yield for every 10% of repair it is below 70% down to a 30% reduction at 0% repair.

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